Monday, April 24, 2017

Amberly's 50's Party

This year Miss Amberly planned her whole entire party.  Every detail was thought of by her.  I have trained her well.  HAHA!  No, really......I didn't plan a single thing.  She amazes me.  She made lists, looked on pinterest, gave me an invite list.  All I had to do was help her shop and make invitations!  She's turning 10 people. TEN!  Amazing I tell ya!

Here are a little behind the scene shots of us getting ready:

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Past Few Days............

Tuesday we met with the speech therapist.  Tom was nervous and didn't want them to think he was stupid. I knew they wouldn't but it's understandable to be a little insecure.   We made sure to tell her how many degrees he had and that he can read 1500 words a minute!  They did their assessment and was blown away with how well he is doing!  Two weeks out of brain surgery and he was almost in the normal levels of brain functions.  Seriously - prayers work people!  She said they would get him back to his MBA level for sure!  Tom even joked today!  That was a miracle all in it's self! (he's been very literal)

Sunday we went to church for the first time in a month.  Tom got up and shared his testimony of prayer, faith and his gratitude for all the love and service we have received this month.  We are blessed beyond belief!  We could not have done this on our own.  We know that our Father in Heaven has sent his angles to help us through this trial.  Those angles comes in the forms of friends bringing dinner, family stopping in, laundry being done, animals being fed, flowers being watered, the lawn being mowed, soda's brought over, treats, magazines to read and prayers - a lot of prayers from every religion! 

Last week was hard but every day got better.  I am not perfect and do lose my patience.  Tom is so sweet and loving which makes my impatience seem even worse.  Friday Pam and Chelsa called Tom's friend Deland and set up a whole day off for the girls and I.  They had a different friend come stay with Tom every hour on the hour from 8am-5pm.  I think it not only lifted Toms spirits but it also lifted mine.  I was able to spend one on one time with Cassidy (Amberly was gone all day at birthday parties) and we got a lot done!  Another tender mercy for our family.  A huge thank you to Pam, Chelsa and Deland  and to all the men who came over during their busy Saturday to hang with Tom!