Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas is over!

Well, it's official, Christmas is over! Today was the day we took down the Christmas tree and everything that goes with it. What a relief! I love Christmas, I just hate all the stuff added to our lives and house. I like order, routine, and quiet. I know that isn't my personality at all but it's how I like my house. I guess growing up in the ultimate house of chaos made me a little fanatical about order. Now don't get me wrong, my house isn't "neat as a pin" and most days there are dishes in the sink and dress up clothes and barbies pretty much everywhere. But there is routine and order and it makes me sane.

Tom was "The Man of Steele" putting everything away. Even the girls helped. Cassidy included. She's not the normal cleaner in the family but I think she had fun gathering the Santa collection and putting the nativities back in their boxes. It was fun, it didn't feel like work and when we were done we realized it had taken 3 hours!!!! I couldn't believe it! Time went by fast. I guess that's why they say, "time flys when your having fun." It really does.

After we put Abby down for her much needed nap, Cassidy went out to play, Tom went to the gym and I got ready. Grandma watched all the grand kids tonight for New Years Eve - Eve. Usually she has a sleepover but since tomorrow is church and it's not really New Years she just did games and movies and told the kids that the sleep over will be on Monday night. NICE! 2 nights out for us, I'm not complaining. We went to see The Night at the Museum. It was awesome! I wish we had gone to that museum when we were in NYC. We did go to the Fields Museum (which is similar) in Chicago so we had a sense of how grand and amazing the Museum is. Definitely a need to own movie. And that's saying a lot for us since we don't buy movies that often. I highly recommend seeing it at the theater and if you can IMAX would ROCK!!!! It's totally worth the $19 (yes that's not a typo) dollars. We are going to go back and take the girls. Maybe I Max is calling our names, hmmmmm.........

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