Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cassidy's Special Day

Cassidy's special day is over. It's a relief and a let down. There is a lot more work than I thought in putting a baptism together. And as always, at the last minuet I thought of a few more things I wanted to do and tried to add them in. It was a very special day and Cassdiy was very brave with only one minor meltdown right before she entered the water. She was very emotional because she knew once she was in the water everyone would be right there watching. She did cry a little but kept saying, "calm down, I'm going to calm down." Which I thought was very mature for a little 8 year old. She took about 2-3 minuets before she got in and then was fine. I am very proud of her, facing her fears like that and knowing what she needed to tell herself to calm her fears. She's so great!

Here are 10 of my favorite things from Cassidy's Baptism day.

1. I love that most of our family lives here and can share special moments together.
2. When I came home from making copies Sat. morning, I found Cassidy in the bathroom with Abby-all dressed in her white dress(that's 2 years old) white tights, white shoes(that are too small) blow drying her hair ready for a white clip. I asked what they were doing, (it was only 11am and the baptism wasn't until 3pm) Cassidy simply said, "I'm getting Abby ready for the baptism. I wanted her to wear white just like me!" How cute is that? So Abby wore white-what could a Mother do?
3. I loved all the music - it made me miss my Mom and Dad, but in a good way. I know they were there.
4. I love teaching my children the Gospel. It makes my faith stronger as I share it with them.
5. I had so much fun with everyone when they came over after the Baptism. We don't get together enough!
6. Cassidy looked like the Princess she really is.
7. I thought my brothers did an excellent job giving the talks. Even though they just told me that when I was 10 they went to get ice cream with Dad at 31 flavors. When they were comming home, my ice cream fell off the cone and onto the floor of the car. Dad said, "hurry and pick it up and put it back on the cone! She'll never know!!" And they did!! When they brought it to me I said it tasted a little like rubber but since it was mint chocolate chip I didn't notice the dirt specks! They let me eat it!! Gross!!!
8. It made me realize that time goes by very fast. I need to focus more of my energy on my girls before they are wearing white again and getting Married!
9. I thought the ice cream Sundays looked divine! Too bad I couldn't have any.
10. I love how Cassidy is getting so big. She is such a special part of our family. I love her more each and every day.

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