Thursday, January 4, 2007

Christmas Break "I'm bored day"

Today was one of those days where nobody was in the mood to do anything. The girls didn't want to do their jobs, so I was fighting against that, they didn't want to eat their breakfast (after I had cooked it). They kept saying they were bored even though we just had Christmas and the house was a wreck with all their toys. I didn't want to do the dishes or get dressed. Are you with me? Do you know what I'm talking about? After most of the jobs were done I got out the girls beads. I put on the favorite movie of the week- 12 Dancing Princesses and the girls made lots of jewelry. I think Abby made 4 bracelets, one for each limb and a necklace. Cassidy did about the same amount. It kept them busy and happy for a few hours and gave me some time to do my jobs in piece. Here are some pictures of them and their beads.
The two movies they watched while making jewelry.
Some of the beads they had to work with. (my mom gave these to Cassidy)

Cassidy's necklace. She loves to do patterns. (sorry it's sideways, I don't know how to rotate)

Abby working hard at stinging those beads on. She's pretty good at it. (she doesn't do patterns)

Cass and Abby singing to the movie. Abby as you can see is really getting into it!
I guess we turned a frustrating morning into a positive afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow will be positive and happy all day!! Fingers crossed!

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