Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My happy mood from earlier today is definitely GONE! Why oh why is it so difficult to put two little girls to bed? Why the drama, why the crying because of being over tired, why the endless -"Mom, Mom, Mom!"
It seems to take at least two hours to get them in bed and asleep. They have to have baths, brush their teeth, put on their P.J.'s. Then we read scriptures, read one story to each, and get them in bed. However, then there's the "Mom, I need a drink." Or, "Dad, come answer some deep question that I know will take along time to discuss and then I won't have to go to bed yet!" Why can't they just go in and say "goodnight Mom and Dad?"
Tonight was the worst because Cassidy had a hair wrapped around her newly pierced earring and I had to take the earring out to untangle it. You would have thought I was cutting off her left arm. She is the ultimate princess and the pea. Her ear wasn't infected, it's been 6 weeks since we had them pierced. They are healing nicely and she was throwing the hugest drama fit yet! It took all I had not to throw my own little fit!
Anyway, I'm sad that my delightful day has ended on a sour note. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I will forget the drama of tonight.

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