Sunday, January 28, 2007

FHE and Voting for Annie

Tonight was FHE - family home evening. I think we will do this every week on Sunday night instead of Monday night. It worked out very well. Since we aren't very good at having the "traditional" FHE with the lesson and all that Sunday's might be the ticket!

We started out having "massive clean". I started the timer for 15 min. Tom his teams - He's Red Team 1, Abby's Red team 2, Cassidy's Red team 3 and I'm red team 4. Then we hurry and clean up the house as fast as we can-all working together and all while Tom is shouting out, "team 2-take this to the trash, team 3 go pick up your clothes off the floor!" etc. It always works and this time we did it under the 15 min mark. Now I don't have to wake up to a dirty house on Mondays anymore!

Then we had our little lesson on Baptism. I got some BIG pictures from Church today out of the library that they were getting rid of. They have a story on the back of each one and I think they will be great for our FHE.

We ended with ice cream and Annie. Tons-O-Fun!!! I got the original version of Annie yesterday because my girls only have the new version. After we watched the original tonight we had a vote. 3-1 Tom, Abby and I liked the original, Cassidy couldn't get past her afro red hair and chose the new version. I don't blame her, that hair is hideous!!! But the singing and dancing and drama in the original was much better so that's what got my vote.
All in all it was a great night!
Which version of Annie gets your vote?

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Crystal Star said...

Original HANDS DOWN! We own both though and it's fun to watch either. My girls belt out those songs! By the way congrats to the Princess. How about a 8 is great lunch with Jena, Cassidy, Crystal and Cara?