Monday, February 26, 2007

Help Me!!!

Please oh please help me! Since both my parents died last year I have inherited all the pictures. I say ALL the pictures because I am the oldest and the only girl. I also say ALL the pictures because my Mom and my Grandma were HUGE genealogy guru's and I have ALL the family pictures dated back to when they invented the camera!!!! (I am NOT a genealogy guru and I'm not kidding.) I also have a whole box of really neat antique pictures that no one knows who they are??? They are old!!!! Neat albums and frames though. What do I do with all these pictures??????

They have been in my closet in my office for a year. I am in the process of moving them to the garage. I don't want them to be forgotten because there's history here, but.......what happens to things banished to the garage???? Yep - they get forgotten. So if anyone as any brilliant ideas about what to do that's easy, quick, cheap and cute please let me know.

Don't be shy, I need everyones creative minds to help me!!


Brooke said...

What if you put them all on the computer and/or disks and then stored the actual pictures in the garage? Just an idea, this is a hard one my way works for me but, I don't have as many pictures as you.
Good luck!
Love, Brooke

Jill said...

I would suggest scanning them all and putting them on smugmug or something for a back-up and then putting them on disc so you can give copies to your brothers. The thought of priceless photos in the garage is kind of upsetting, since they could be damaged so easily so at least if you've got a back-up made you can rest easy.

(PS I found you through Jen Vu)

Kristi Brooke said...

whatever you do don't throw them away. my mother in law told me the other day she threw tons of photos away and i almost started crying. keep in mind if you don't want them someone else might. even though i don't think anyone smart enough to have a pink and green blog would throw photos away.
i saw the coolest thing in anthropologie store today that was awesome. it was like a colage of photos, check their webiste and see if they have anything on there, it may have just been a dispaly but very cool.

Amy said...

Cara - Come Store them in Grandma Eckhardt's dresser at my house. We can figure out what to do with them during the summer...scan them or something. Then they will be in the AC and you wont have to trip over them.

:) Amy