Sunday, February 4, 2007

What a Day!

Happy 7th Birthday McKenna!

Well this weekend went by fast. It started off with the girls and I having "Fun Friday." This is a weekly obsession that gives us something to look forward to all week as we are doing all our jobs. Friday was spent eating at our new favorite place Joe's Farm Grill. It was delicious and since we ate outside, no one was bothered by our 4 kids running around. Then we headed off for some good deals at Cortate Furniture and Reflections. It was a beautiful warm day - nice after it has been so cold. I can't wait till next week! Wonder what we will do????.........

Since Tom and Cassidy were in Missouri all weekend, I thought it would be fun to take Abby someplace "just for her." She is always going places with me, so I thought she deserved a Mommy and Me outing at Build-a-Bear. It was so much fun! She was so excited she could hardly sleep the night before and it helped her do her jobs in the morning "super-fast!"

She of course picked out a pink bear with a cute purple butterfly on it's nose. She dressed it in a sleeping beauty dress and named her Nee-Nee

The pictures are on the web site so check them out.

Saturday night and Sunday was spent finishing little projects - cleaning out Cassidy's dresser and closet, making presents for book club, organizing my closet. So that was good. I didn't get as much done as I had planned, but it felt good to get things rolling.

I hear Tom and Cassidy coming home so I'm off to find out how cold it was in Missouri!