Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grammar Girl

I have a little secret that unfortunately isn't really a secret.

I am have the worst grammar and spelling habits out of anyone I know. It's very embarrassing and a daily challenge. It doesn't help that I worked in Collections where they had you type everything abbreviated or without vowels. I wasn't a fabulous speller to begin with and after eight years of retraining my brain I feel I'm pretty much hopeless.

I work in Cassidy's second grade class ever other week and I sit there learning as much as the kids do. I think to myself, "where was I in elementary school when they were teaching all these little spelling and grammar rules.....la la land?" I probably was. (and still am -he he)

Today I watched yesterdays Oprah on tivo and she had a lady on called The Grammar Girl. She
has a website that hopefully change my life! I'm so excited. It has all the little tips I need to help me be a better writer. You can view her website here. It even has audio lessons. How cool is that? Here are a few things I would like to learn about:

Punctuation, »Apostrophes (Part I)»Apostrophes (Part II)»Colons»Commas»Dashes»Quotation Marks,
Grammar, »
Fragments»Generic Pronouns»Splitting Infinitives»Subjunctive Verbs»Prepositions»Capitalizing Titles»Unaccusative Verbs

So, I would like to apologize right now to anyone who is offended by my lack of proper grammar and spelling. It is something I'm aware of and I know that spell check doesn't always catch everything. Hopefully in the future it will get better. Even though I'm not promising anything.


Brooke said...

I have this same problem and I watched that same show today! I think I use to many of these: !!!!! and ,,,,, hee, hee!

Lizzy said...

I also have the same problem. I am going to check out her web site. I forgot to thank you for the flowers you sent with Chris-They were so pretty! I need you help in that department...i am clueless!