Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Nice Little Teaching Moment

Yesterday was a very fun day for the kids. They played outside in the beautiful spring sunshine all day! I mean ALL DAY!! It has been raining (yeah!) so they have been inside for two days (poor things). I have to say, I missed them a little. I couldn't go anywhere because Tom was gone for most of the day. So I spent most of it watching the kids outside. They sure are cute.

We did have one major learning experience that I'm hopeing will not come up again.

Abby has learned to say "Oh my ......" And I don't mean "Oh my gosh." I have to say that when people say this on T.V. if it's not excessive 1 or 2 times)I tend to gloss over it, erase it from my mind. There's not much I can do about it on T.V. so I choose shows that tend to keep that term on the D.L. I have a hard time watching Extreme Home Makeover for this very reason. I almost always watch the end - the best part in my opinion, on mute. How many times can one person say Oh my.... in the space of 15 min? It's so offensive!!!

So when Abby came in saying this it literally made my insides quiver! (She learned it from the neighbors) I got the sickest feeling in my stomach. I became ill. I must have had a major reaction because the look on her face was, shock! "What did I do?" is what her face read. I had to have a serious talk about why we don't take the Lords name in vain. How do you explain this to a 3 year old. Cassidy even told her story about when she said it once and how it makes Heavenly Father very, very sad when we talk like that. I did the best I could explaining and then.........she tested me. Yep, she said it again. This is after we had gone over the different things we CAN say. "Oh my golly, oh my gee wilikers, oh my gosh, oh my land, etc. She tested me!!! Can you believe it??? The stubborn little chick. So she was punished several times through out the day until she finally chose in her little mind to do the right thing.

Oh my gosh it is.

All day today she has paused, thought a minute and said, "oh my gosh". Then looked over at me for reassurance that she did it right. Yes, she warms my heart. She is the apple in my eye. I love to see these little teaching moments turn into a happy ever after.

Has this ever happened to you?
What was your teaching moment?
Do you find this offensive like me?
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Anonymous said...

Hey Cara, I just have to tell you that I love reading your blog....I've been checking it out every now & then and I love how you take our every day life experiences and view them as opportunities to learn something new.....and it always ends up positive. On this name in vain topic.....I feel the same way! I cringe whenever I hear it....and I'm sick if it's from someone I care about....I would much rather hear the worst curse word than THAT! I had one of my kids say it before and I tried talking with them about it....but they did the same thing....said it a couple times I tried the wash the mouth out w/soap &/or vinegar approach. And & also used the "Strength of Youth" pamphlet. It's not from me....its from Heavenly Father and who can argue with that..........It' great to use depending on what situation is at hand. Depending on the severity I have them write it (the topic pertaining to the situation) out a couple times or give a FHE on it.
Later, Laura Maroney

Brooke said...

I went through the same thing with Kelsey when she was around 4. And, she really had no clue until I sat down and talk to her. Paige also I had the same problem but, with her babysitters. She finally told them it's like saying the f word in my home! They just did not understand they grew up saying it, so sad!