Wednesday, March 7, 2007

TMI - Too Much Information

I realized that is has been a week since my last post. Time does go by quickly when you're having fun!

I'll start with Thursday:

After pre-school we went to IKEA. I got inspired by that web page I mentioned and needed some tools to organize! IKEA is the place for that. We dropped the kids off at the playland and away we went in search of goodies. I got lots of photo boxes, CD boxes, CD cases and paper stacker thingys. The best purchase was my $17 chandalier that Tom hung in our closet. It's the cutiest thing ever!!!! I might have to go back and get one for the girls bathroom. Too cute!!!

Thursday night Tom was gone so the girls and I watched Aquamarine cute movie)ate spaggetti w/ meatballs and i put all my IKEA boxes together. A little FYI for you. IKEA is cheap because you do all the labor. If you want to spend about 3 hours putting CD and picture boxes together yourself, get them from IKEA. If not, search elsewhere!


Fun Friday!!! YEAH!!!! We went to Brookes, got take out from Pei Wei and she had everything ready for us to scrapbook two pages. She's the "Queen of Cute" and out pages were to die! It was fun to not have to worry about the kids, they played outside most of the time and had so much fun themselves. Just what they needed! When we went to pick the kids up from the bus, Cassidy had stuck her Rollerblades in her backpack without telling us and was skating down the road while Bree carried her backpack and MaKayla carried her shoes. The little stinker! Smart...but still a stinker!! She's so funny. That night Tom and I with the girls went back to IKEA to get his office some shelves so he could get organized. Good thing it's close.


We all went to Tom's new office and worked at getting things put back together after the move. Then Tom took the girls to see Flushed Away and I came home to work on my scary office. I spent 8 hours in here and it looks much better!! I haven't touched the pictures yet, but now that this place is clean I can focus my energy on pictures, pictures and more pictures.


We went to church. Abby got up and was ready before everyone else. She loves "beams" as she calls her Sunbeam class (3 year olds). We came home and the girls played ALL day together. They were supposed to take their Sunday nap (we did) but they played quietly while we were sleeping and then kept playing until bedtime. This almost never happens. Because of the 5 year gap they play but then fight, play then fight. It was a happy day for all!!!!


I did pre-school and the kids are getting to be so fun and obedient. We did finger puppets, talked about our five senses, had kabobs for our snacks (the kids took raisins, orange slices, apple chunks, hot dogs, cheese and grapes and put them on tooth picks in whatever order they wanted) and did "finger pudding" as Abby called finger painting with pudding. It was great, I love pre-school.

FHE - we went to this new park by our house and Tom and Cass roller bladed, Abby rode her bike and I walked around the park. It was fun except for the big hills that all three of them biffed on. We had a lot of crying for a while but it turned out to be a fun activity none the less.


I went to the hip Doctor and every things great! I fell while taking Cassidy's baptism pictures and it's been hurting ever since. I was worried I would have to have my hip re-done but NOPE!! It's all good. Hopefully for another 5 years. I'm crossing my fingers.

After the Dr. Abby and I went to see Aunt Janet and Uncle Pete. It was fun and Abby didn't want to leave. We will have to go see them again soon. Joey and Matt came over for a visit that night. It was good to see them too. I haven't seen them for awhile and it's always nice to see my Bro's.

Wednesday (today):

London came over and Abby was SO happy!!! Yesterday she sat outside at 4:00 waiting for London to come. She wouldn't listen to me when I told her she wasn't coming until tomorrow. She just waited and waited. Poor girl. You can imagine her excitement when she showed up this morning. I'm glad they are good friends. Abby needs a "girl"friend. All her other friends are boys.

I guess that wraps up my week. I will remember to not wait so long between posts. Ta-Ta for now!


Brooke said...

You figured it out, at least I hope you didn't have to re-type everything. We missed you tonight at the meeting and could have used your vote! I'm happy to hear you will not need surgery, you have been in my prayers ever since I heard hip surgery could happen. I hope I get to come to lunch tomorrow! Have a great night.

******My name is Kim****** said...

Cara, Your week sounds so fun. My those precious girls are growing so dang fast. I love reading your blogs. :)

Pam said...

WOW You are always on the go. I don't know if they make hips to keep up with you.