Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Update

I am so behind! Laundry, housework, loading pictures onto smugmug, filing, dishes, errands. AAHHH!!! I am going to have to put the kibosh on 24. I just can't keep up. Everything gets ignored. Even Tom is saying he needs to slow down. he didn't go work out at ALL last week. Ooops. However, anyone who is a 24 lover and hasn't seen Alias needs to go rent it right now. It's much more intense and since the main character is a girl it's more exciting. At least for me. Don't get me wrong, I am loving 24 but Alias was.............more riveting.

Easter was very low key. No family get together's, nothing we HAD to do. It was nice. Relaxing. I liked it. Saturday night we went to our neighborhood party that was SO FUN!! Hint......Remember this for next year. We did an Easter egg hunt at night, in the dark, with flashlights. Seriously, I don't think I can hunt for eggs in the day ever again! It made it much more fun and fun for all ages! Even the teens were loving it! And it lasted about an hour apposed to 10 minuets. Yes it's a must for next year!

Sunday, the Easter Bunny came and left the girls their new bathing suits for the summer. I think the Easter Bunny is very smart for doing this. It's been a tradition since Cassidy was little and one we will keep around.

As soon as I get my pictures loaded I'll post some. But for now, I'm off to start my horrendous list of things I need to do today! Yuck. Wish me well!

What's your favorite thing the Easter Bunny brings?
Has anyone ever done Night Egg Hunting?
Do you have a list a mile long like me today?

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