Sunday, April 1, 2007

Random Thoughts

Random Thought #1

Tom and I have started watching season 2 of 24. I don't know why I didn't order season 1 from blockbuster but when we went to the actual blockbuster store they didn't have season 1 at all. So with a few questions unanswered we are in the middle of season 2 and LOVING IT!!!! I mean if you are ever having a bad day, watch a season of that show and you will be grateful with your life! Man is it good! We started on Friday night and are already 16 shows into it. I highly recommend it as everyone I know has recommended it to me!

Random thought #2

Sugar Day. At our house we try and not eat sugar until the weekend. We do this for many reasons.
1. To try and teach our children that sugar isn't good FOR them even if sugar tastes good TO them.
2. Cassidy is a sugar hound and has been since she was 1 1/2 years old. She would live on sugar if we let her. (I would too)
3. It helps our kids be asleep at 8:00pm. Yep, asleep! If they have any kind of sugar, their little eyeballs are wide awake until 9:30-10pm. I don't know about you, but for my sanity, 8:00pm bedtime is a must! Also, if my kids don't get 12 hours of sleep, Cassidy can't wake up and Abby is a pill for the rest of the day.
4. It makes the weekend fun because we choose fun places to go get treats.

Friday, the girls took their money and went to Water and Ice. They had the best time picking from the plethora of candy that store has! We left with two happy little girls already chewing some bubble gum. A little funny happened when Cassidy came in with a blue mouth from her huge jaw breaker she had been sucking on, carrying her slush and asking if she could have MORE CANDY!!! Talk about overload. Gross!

Random Thought #3

Monica and I were talking on Friday about Cassidy's picky eating habits. She gave me this little tip that she has done with her boys.
**Have Cassidy try one bite of everything every time. After she trys it a few times she will like it. O.k., so I tried it. Today I made The Famous Clausen Tacos. I made Guacamole for me because I now can't have sour cream (my favorite) and that makes up for it. Tom doesn't like it, Abby said she did (of course-she'll eat anything) and Cassidy said gross. I told her the new rule and she HAD to try it, just one bite. She threw a big huge fit and almost lost her desert privilege. Her face was priceless!!!! She put that chip with about 1/8th of tsp of guac on it into her mouth and..........was surprised!!!!! Yep, she chewed and thought and then tried to be stubborn, but I knew! She liked it!!!!!!! She didn't want to admit it but said, "it wasn't as gross as I thought it would be." Ha!! Thanks Monica. You are the best!!!

Random Thought #4

We have been watching Conference. All the talks I have seen have been wonderful. I have to say that I can't sit and watch two hours at a time. The information just gets lost in my head. Thank you Tivo. Now I will enjoy conference all month. I have noticed that a lot of the talks are on forgiveness. I have been sitting here trying to think about someone who I have issues with that I might need to forgive. I can't think of anyone. I thinks that's a good thing??? I still have issues with my Mom but I don't know if forgiveness is what I need. I'm working that out a little at a time.

My favorite quote from Saturday morning is from Jefferey R. Holland:
Elder Hollands Maxims for Living:
No misfortune is so bad, that whining about it won't make it worse.

Isn't that great? Whining seems to be my #1 pet peeve right now. Abby is in a whining phase. I also don't like people who complain about things but won't do anything about it. Tom and I have been saying this quote all weekend. It's been pretty funny! For example: Today (Sunday) I didn't feel like cooking. I was sitting on the couch whining that I wished I could have In and Out Burger. Whine, whine, whine, whaa, whaa, whaa. So what does Tom say? Nothing is so bad that whining about it won't make it worse! See? Isn't that great!! I got my big fanny up off the couch and went in and made tacos. And they were WAY better than any ol' burger!

Random Thought #5

Happy April Fools Day! I didn't fool anyone today. I guess it's hard to fool someone when you don't go anywhere. That's what happened on St Patricks Day. It was on a Saturday so Cassidy couldn't go pinch people. Who was she going to pinch, the mailman? I will tell my favorite April Fools Day story though.
A few years ago, Lori called all her family and told them she was pregnant with twins. She had them going all day! Then of course she called them back and said "April Fools!" However...a few months later she found out she WAS pregnant with twins!!! So be careful what you fool people with!

What is your best April Fools Day fool?
Did you have a favorite quote from conference?
What's your favorite? Sweet or Savory?


Brooke said...

Ok, now I know why you have been a blogger slacker! My parents have just started watching 24 and they were up until 2am. Also, I have a picky eater and since we met Mike he has made Cody do the same and it has helped a lot! I missed you guys on Friday.

Jennifer said...

I am the only Guac eater in my house too! Check my blog for a long over due post about my April Fool's day joke. So funny!