Saturday, April 7, 2007

Sisters (with an update - added a picture)

Last night Cassidy had a sleep over at her cousins McKenna and Macey's house. (also know as my brother Matt's place) She got home from school and had Abby help her pack her bags. Abby was more than willing to help and was happy as a clam that Cassidy was letting her help.

We took Cassidy over about 6pm and all the kids played for awhile before we left. Abby wasn't too sure about leaving Cassidy. Once I explained that we would be back to pick her up tomorrow, she seemed fine. Throughout the night Abby kept asking, "Where's Cassidy?" And the immediately answering herself with, "Cassidy will come home tomorrow in the morning." So cute!!

Well, I have to say that I didn't know how strong the sister bond was until this happened............

We waited a little too long to put Abby to bed. We had gone out for pizza and she seemed fine there, but once we got into the car, BAM!!! All hell broke loose. She lost it. It was past time for her to be in bed!!! She kept crying "Cassidy, Cassidy!" It's always been, "Mama, Mama!" We got home, got her in the bath and changed into P.J.'s, all with lots of crying. I couldn't get her calmed down so I asked her if she wanted to call Cassidy and talk to her. Through her crying she said yes. I called Matt's and handed to the phone to Abby. I told her to ask for Cassidy which she did with the smallest little voice that was filled with tears. Cassidy got on the phone and Abby started crying SO hard she couldn't talk. No sound was coming out except little breaths. Her little heart was broken that her sister wasn't here. It made me cry. It made my heart hurt. It made me so filled with love for this sweet little angel girl who loves her big sister so much. It's making me cry just thinking about it again. Cassidy sang her a song and talked to her for a minuet and was so sweet. Abby did end up crying herself to sleep. So sad!!

Sweet is the voice of a sister in the season of sorrow. ~Benjamin Disraeli

When Cassidy came home this morning Abby was so happy to see her. She ran to her and gave her a big hug with a HUGE smile on her cute little face. I'm glad they have eachother.


Brooke said...

They are so lucky to have one another. And, isn't funny when you think they don't care or notice and then they do such sweet things. Abby is blessed to have such a sweet older sister. I was so mean to my lil' sis.

Lizzy said...

Cara- I am so excited you are a blogger! What a beautiful blog! Chris just loves your family, and your girls are just too cute! I am so excited you are in book club! I added you to my friends links i hope thats ok. See you soon!