Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May Day!!!

I have always had a fondness for May Day. I remember when I was in pre-school we had a May Day celebration straight out of a movie. Each of us made tissue paper flowers, leaf headdresses and a real life May Pole with pretty pastel streamers. We danced around the maypole weaving the streamers in and out making a pretty braid. I'm not sure why I remember this so vividly as a 4 year old, but I do. I also remember my Mom making May Day posy's with flowers from our yard and hanging them on the front door with ribbons and doilies throughout the years.

I have always thought of this as a happy, frilly, girly, spring little holiday. I never really looked into the history of the 1st day of May. Until tonight..................check this out - interesting, and this - gross!! I like the 1st description better.

I love spring and flowers so it's no wonder why I love May Day. I had pre-school today and I should have taught the kids about May Day. Darn!!!!!! Cassidy did however make Mrs. Workman a May Day posy for her classroom door. Nope, I didn't take a picture but it was pretty darn cute. 3 pink roses, sprigs of lemon balm, lavender and a few daisy's wrapped in ribbon. I wonder what Mrs. Workman thinks of us and all these flowers we keep giving her?????

I have a lot that has happened this past week and I am excited to be able to write it down, but not tonight. I'm off to my cozy bed, my fabulous book (shopaholic and baby) and hmmm......I wonder if I can find a little treat just for me.

Happy May Day!

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