Friday, May 4, 2007

dreaming of auburn hair

I just watched the 2 hour Grey's and was gitty through the whole thing. Loved it. Is that wrong? It was SOOOO good. I hope Addison does go off and start her own show. I think it will mix it up. She's my favorite anyway. Derek is ticking me off, what's up with George and Izzy - show some control, and Merideth's step mom dying..... a little too close to home - I didn't like that.

O.K. seriously, I think I need to die my hair auburn and have Katie or Brooke show me how do my eye makeup like this. Do you think it's MAC? I have the baby blues.......can't they look like that????? My lips are a little bigger and I don't think I could pull off those eyebrows but I could try??? Mindy could show me the hair and I am as good as a new grey's woman. Haha!!!

hey, it doesn't hurt to dream.


Crazymamaof6 said...

I loved it too! and had to blog about it also! there was just something extra fabulous about this week.

Brooke said...

I told you it was good! I think you would look awesome with auburn hair! Your eyes would look extra blue. That is not her natural color she also colors her hair. Go for it!