Friday, May 4, 2007

short answers

Feeling: creative
Thinking about:
Your family history: Pirates and Mayflower
The last person you had 'words' with: Amberly
Want to fly away to: Carmel
Hate the sight of: plumber crack
The sport whose players turn you on: water polo
Favorite color ink: green
American Idol judge who irritates you the most: Simon
Place you thought monsters hid when you were little: under bed
Favorite Spice or Herb: basil
What you like for breakfast:
Your living room couch: huge
Most recent purchase for yourself: painting
Hours you typically sleep on weeknights:
Something you dislike:
A favorite color: pink
Your snack when willpower is nonexistent: cookies
Your bedsheets: clean
The part of your face you scrunch the most often: forehead
The last thing you thought was funny:
What you're going to do now: upload pictures


Brooke said...

cute answers!

Crazymamaof6 said...

water polo is totally a CA sport! and soccer too. but totally water polo!

******My name is Kim****** said...

Cute picture of Flower..Where is her cute collar? Did it fit her? She is a cute kitty, and I think Abby loves her.