Tuesday, May 29, 2007

things to remember......for blackmail

A few funny comments from the girls this weekend.
Abby, in the car driving home from swimming w/ Grandma:
"OH SNAPS!!!! We forgot to go up the stairs."
Me: "what stairs?"
Abby: "the stairs at the pool Mom"
Me: laughing to myself because did she just say, "Oh snaps?" What, is she 17?

Then there's Cassidy. We are leaving the house and she says:
"I need to bring my brush because I'm a beauty queen."
O.K. then, I guess I need to lay off the compliments. It's going to her head!
Yes, I'm totally going to remind them of these funny comments when they get older!


Brooke said...

very cute! i love how confident your girls are. did you have fun at the party, any cute things?

onehm said...

Adorable, funny, sweet little girls!