Monday, June 18, 2007

Begging for Help!

I am need of

#1. I need to know what to do with all these wet bathing suits and towels laying around my house! I can't seem to keep up with my girls and their trail of wet clothing! We go swimming, come in and change. Then we go back out later in the day and they can't put on the wet bathing suit! They have to go get a new dry bathing suit. So I have dripping bathing suits hanging from the shower, bathtub and of course the carpet on their bedroom floors. (yes, they get in trouble for that). So what do I do? Is there a special place you hang wet suits/towels? I guess I could make them take off the suits outside and then come in. But usually there are other people here and well, that wouldn't work with the modesty factor.

#2. I need a yummy, light and fluffy basic muffin recipe. I say basic because I would like to add different things to the mix. I am sick of my girls eating cold cereal every morning (which they love) and Cassidy won't eat anything else. No pancakes, waffles, eggs, etc. She will eat oatmeal but who wants oatmeal everyday. So I thought muffins would be a good choice because I could slip some fruit in there along with some bran/fiber. So if you have a favorite, from-scratch-recipe. Let me know!

#3. What are some fun things I can do with my kids to keep them busy. I am going bonkers! I can only stay outside watching them swim so many times in a day. Please help me! I used to be such a fun Mom but it seems all my creativity is lost on my 8 year old. I need something fresh, fun and hopefully free!

Now, if you are reading this but haven't posted a comment in a while.....or ever! Please make today the day! I need you!!! I need help. My gray hair is coming in like crazy and I'm afraid the wrinkles aren't too far behind. Help me! I don't want to be a mean boring old Mom. I want to be cool and hip, fun and full of life!! Help me make the 8 weeks I have left enjoyable not horrible.


onehm said...

#1...I got an "over the door hook" hanger (either at Target or Walmart) that has 6 double hooks on it. Each of us has a space for a towel and a suit. Because they are hanging, they dry quite quickly. I just have it hanging over the door in my laundry room. When we get home I have the kiddos take all wet stuff off and I hang it up right away. It is the best thing I have figured out so far. It works and it was cheap!
#2...can't help you there! Sorry!
#3...we have been cleaning at our house. Like organizing cleaning. And I have started a chore chart. Not that those things are entertaining, but it's some ideas. We are going to my grandma's house once a week for lunch. The kids love to visit with her and it's good for her too. Multi-generational stuff is always good. You could visit a retirement home and take cookies or something like that. You could also join us for "summer movies"! We go to the Harkins on Longmore and Southern. Every Friday and all summer long only costs $7 per person once! It's great and you get out without having to deal with the heat.
The AZ Science Center is really great. Indoor and totally hands on!
Hope these things helped! I can't wait to read what others put down as their ideas...

Lindsey said...

My kids take their bathing suits off outside, my daughter puts the towel around her and then slips out of it, if there are friends over. At our house the kids aren't allowed to come in wet.
#2 Sorry no from scratch recipes, we are all about the boxes at our house
#3 AZ Science Center is awesome. This month I am so busy with summer school and boredom busters that I don't have to worry about my kids being bored. But come July that will be a different story. good luck.

Crazymamaof6 said...

#1-my solution for the wet suits was I hung them on the pool fence to dry, preferably in the shade to avoid fading, but in this heat? they dry quick! towels too! i generally have to follow them around and take their stuff from them and hang them myself, or we'd have the wet, on the floor issues.
#2-i don't bake,sorry! but my kids love the mini blueberry muffins from costco. they like the big ones too, and those freeze well.
#3-mesa southwest museum, good for at least a couple hours of fun! also the museum for youth, and they have little hands on projects throughout the museum! I just bought a bunch of clearance crafts at walmart, hemp necklaces, lanyard kits, sun catchers, the foam mega pack for a party of 7, was on clearance for $7. they had cd holders, movie cases, frames and purses. Michaels also has summer camp craft classes you can sign up for or just get the projects. or my fave? the $1 store! go see what crafts they have there.

also my kids are big fans of video games. you could get Karaoke revolution for xbox! it is fun for all! but you kind of have to be able to read. there is always home work, you can make them practice skills they learned last year. Quiet reading time, kids club at the mall, you could start a craft group and rotate with a friend or two! bake together. i am full of ideas, and we do pretty much nothing but movie fun. and i am sorry to say I think it is sold out there too. good luck!

Webb Family said...

You are the cutest and such a fun mom!
#1- At Paige's house she has these big hooks outside and that's where all the towels go. At my house we keep the towels outside too but I need to get hooks. The suits are on hooks in the bathroom but they can't come in until they are almost dry. I give them otter pops and they hang on the tramp!
#2- I'm not the cook you should ask mike he might have a good one! hee! hee! I have been making jiffy blueberry muffins and i do make yummy banana muffins. So i guess i do bake sometimes.
#3- i want to take my kiddos bowling we did it last year and they loved it. i liked Julie's idea about switching off on craft day. i would do it with you if you want to.

Anonymous said...

1. How about an outside cabana they can change in. I noticed you have a lot of pool deck.
2. Check out Food for some healthy recipes. I like that show called "Quick Fix Meals" and "Healthy Appetite".
3. Your the Queen of Fun! Some things we enjoy doing are going to the pet store, painting with sidewalk paint, and playing together. Like playing a good board game, having a dance party, or just being plain silly!

Jennifer said...

I feel your pain with wet trunks everywhere. I have considered one of those hotel shower retractable drying lines that pulls across the shower for a place to dry stuff any time. I might invest in some colorful plastic clothes pins and it might make it a novelty to hang out your suits to dry. I hate to say it but my towels go straight into the dryer after the first use and into the wash on the second use because I get super grossed out by bad smelling towels.

Can't help with muffin secrets because I'm so not a baker.

As for creative fun things to do with kids-go to a craft store and buy a bag full of wooden or ceramic unpainted stuff and let them paint. My kids eat it up and never tire of their creations. If you start now you can find unpainted Christmas ornaments and save them for gifts for teachers, primary leaders, grandparents, etc. They are a sweet and goofy gift from favorite kids!

I should really be packing and not playing but had to catch up with your life! Love you!