Friday, June 15, 2007

Favorite Thing

On a lighter note (sorry the post below is depressing) I have to post my new favorite product. I'm sad that I didn't sign up for the "favorite things swap" because this is what I would have sent to the secret person (along with some other things of course).

The Swedish Clover Foot file by Flowery

"World famous deluxe foot file is the creme de la creme of pedicure products. The rigid structure requires less pressure when removing calluses. Two abrasives 60/100 grits for smoothing and sloughing. Washable and long-lasting."
O.K. now I know everyone has a pumice stone/foot file in their drawer. And if you live in AZ you have one in EVERY drawer because your feet get so dry and cracked. This file is the most miraculous thing. It makes my heals as smooth as a baby's bum and that's no lie! I am so addicted! I usually file my feet then lotate (lotion) and they are smooth, smooth, smooth! No catching on the sheets (you totally know what I mean don't you!?) My heals are really bad because I never wear shoes and I am out by the pool everyday. In fact, I have a crack in my heal that got out of hand (I didn't use the file for a few weeks)and now I can't walk on it. But it is getting better everyday because I file away and wha-la! Smooth heals! Thank you Aimee and Lisa!!!! Your B-Day present has kept on giving!!!
Anyway, It's at Ulta so ask for it for the next occasion you get presents for. If you're friends with Aimee or Lisa I bet you could give a hint and a wink and they might just get it for you for your next birthday! Happy shopping!


Lindsey said...

I need to get one of those, my heels are horrible.

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow thanks for the tip! put super glue on the crack(Seal it shut) and it'll heal from the inside out. its the air on the inside that hurts.

onehm said...

I am going to Ulta TOMORROW to get one! My heels are soooooo bad and the pumice stone I have is no good. Thanks for the tip!