Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fun in the sun!

Lee, Aimee, Mindy, Lori, Me, Monica, Traci, Michelle, Angie

O.K. no one guessed. I suppose I should have given clues. That wasn't very fair of me. However, shame on you - those that read this blog and didn't comment. I know you have been reading because my counter is going up everyday. Where's the comments? Where's the love??? JK

I had a fabulous trip with the girls from book club. We went on a 4 day cruise to Ensenada Mexico. I did relax, I did eat food that I didn't prepare(a lot of food!), I danced the night away every night, I did read-however there were still interruptions(I didn't mind) and I had a blast. I think I laughed the whole entire time. A smile never left my face. My favorite was when we would tell people(when they asked)that we were with our book club and we had 35 kids between the 9 of us. Their faces were priceless! Loved it!!!

One of my favorite things we did was look at every single person on that ship as we tried to decide what character he/she (mostly he) would be in our book. (Twilight) "Is that Edward?" "Could that be Jasper?" "The werewolf is following us again!" "How about her for Esme, Rosalie, Alice and Bella?" (we didn't find any of them but we did find a few Edwards, and one Jasper). Seriously, we checked out every guy there and it was perfectly legal because we were doing it for our "casting session!" We were obsessed! If you haven't read that book, go get it right now. Barnes and Nobel is open till 11pm. Go....go.....I'll be here when you get back! I don't think the cruise would have been as fun if we hadn't involved that book so much. Well........o.k. it would have but still that book was the highlight.

So I think the cruise was such a hit we will be doing it next year. Tom and the girls came to the airport to pick me up and Tom asked us if we were glad to be back and did we miss our families..............I think he got a few half hearted yah's and kind of's. Poor guy. It was very nice to not have to worry about anyone but yourself. However, it was an eye opener because we had to do a lot of thinking on this trip. Usually our husbands do the thinking, the tipping, the planning, the protecting. We didn't have that and it made us realize how grateful we are for our men who take such good care of us.

I'm going to need help remembering some of our favorite quotes that were said on the trip. So if you can post those favorite comments - the ones we laughed so hard over - please do so.

Here's some of my favorite pictures. These are not edited sorry!
Here we are the night of the midnight buffet and dancing out on the pool deck. It was SOOOO cold we had to grab towels and use them as blankets.

Monica and I doing a self portrait at the airport.

Getting ready for the boat sinking drill. Don't we look pretty?
Below is our guardian angel Ignacio (our tour guide who took us under his wing)
That story is being saved for it's very own post!
However, this is also a picture of the yummiest mexican food ever!
Having fun dancing. I think that will be my new form of exercise.
Here we are dancing the night away. I Loved dancing with Aimee!
I was picking up a few new moves! Sorry Aimee - don't kill me!


Webb Family said...

It looks like you had a blast, I'm even more sad now that I couldn't go! You all look so cute and stylish.

Anonymous said...

I didn't guess because I knew the answer. Anyways still love you. I am so glad you had a great time!

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow it looks so fun! what a fun thing to do!

Lindsey said...

I am so jealous!! I have always wanted to go on a cruise and with just the girls, even funner. I am addicted to those books too. I want to read them again before the 3rd one comes out. I am so glad you had a good time.

onehm said...

How fun! And now I am sad that I didn't comment because that was totally my guess! Bummer for me. Glad that you had a great time!!!