Monday, July 16, 2007

I have been Tagged - Here's my 4 Favorites:

4 Jobs I have had: Chase Bank & Household Bank- Collections, secretary for a crop dusting co. (not a bad job, got lots of helicopter rides and I even met Clint Eastwood!) Monterey Baking Co. and my favorite........Berry's Florist Shop! (this is not including my dream job that I have at the moment of being the Mother of two little Princesses!)
4 Favorite Movies: They change, but I have a few on my T.V. that I recorded, Mr. Deeds, Pride and Prejudice, 50 1st dates and anything with Matthew McConaughey!
4 Places I have lived: Salinas Ca, The East Valley AZ (sorry to say it's only 2)
4 Favorite TV Shows: see my summer TV line-up on my side bar - they are ALL so good!
4 Places I have been on Vacation: Belize, Jamaica, California and NYC (these are my favorites)
4 Favorite Foods: dessert, fresh fruit, cereal, "It's about thyme" sandwich from Flancers Cafe
4 Websites I visit Daily: Many, Many Blogs, Chase Bank, some cooking sites, noggin(Abby is in love)
4 Favorite things to do: read magazines, watch t.v. with my sweetie after the kids are asleep, go out to lunch with the girls, clean - it's not a favorite but I seem to spend most of my time doing it so lets think positively and say its a favorite!
4 Places I want to visit: a super nice spa and spend all day getting lots of fun treatments done!, Carmel Ca - I'm very homesick right now, Savannah Georgia and eat at Lady and Son's, Hawaii
4 Things I want at this moment: a massage, my girls to be obedient, helpful and kind to each other all day, clean closets, my dream house with that cottage out back!


Webb Family said...

I'm so in love with your dream homes!! your 4 things was great-mike and i would love to go eat at lady & son's too.

Crazymamaof6 said...

pretty great favorites!

onehm said...

I've never heard of Flancers...
Loved all of your favorites!

Lindsey said...

Love your 4, might have to do this.

Erin said...

what fun favorites you have! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I want to go to Savannah and eat there too! Let talk our husbands into it!!!

Lizzy said...

great favorites!