Tuesday, July 17, 2007

clean, fresh and smelling wonderful!

Just a quick post on the newest great find in our household:
It wouldn't let me copy the picture so there is the link. (darn)
It is making my whole house smell soooo good!
I'm not even minding doing the laundry!!! (smile)
So I'm off to fold:
*10,000 towels,
*50,000 articles of clothing
*500 pairs of socks
(why there are clean socks when it's 6000 degrees outside I will never know!)
*and lastly - some bed sheets and then hopefully I will be done!


Crazymamaof6 said...

I will have to go down that aisle and sniff it out! i love the laundry aisle! it makes doing the laundry way better!

Webb Family said...

i will have to try that kind, sounds good! i cleaned all the clothes yesterday but nothing got folded- i HATE!!! folding laundry.

Lindsey said...

i loathe laundry, but when it smells extra good that is always a bonus

Jennifer said...

Ummmmm without the allergies! Orange blossoms (citrus smell?) give me allergies!

I love the smell of laundry!

I had a friend who's laundry vent was outside his front door... I used to love to visit when he was doing laundry... just for the smell.

Webb Family said...

Guess what it's Wednesday now & still have not touched any laundry but, here I'm blogging! What wrong with me?

Anonymous said...

I went to the store yesterday and got some, you're right the smell kinda makes me smile, Love you for all your awesome finds!

Anonymous said...

Cara, Who is crazy mama of 6? I loved her picture of the feet, Great Christmas card. I read her bio and we have alot in common.