Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Monica!!!

10 things I love, am crazy about and thankful for Monica
1. When she's on vacation with her sweetie, she's still thinking of Mindy and I - even buying us matching purses from Canal St! Now that's a friend!
2. She's the most emotional girl I know - and I love her for it! I'm thankful she can still love me even when I'm the least emotional girl she knows!
3. She has helped me overcome my fear of traveling. Even if I don't want to go on the trip, I know how much fun it will be because she will be there! So I go.......and I have never been disappointed.
4. No matter what the situation.....she's game! And it's always sooooo much fun!! Remember our 3 hour A.J. jaunt? then there's just hanging out, or how about fishing at Fish Lake! That was FUN!
5. She makes me notice things around me, listen to people better, think about things more deeply, and want to be a better person.
6. She tells a story how I like to hear it. With every detail possible so it's like I was there when the story was happening.
7. She makes me laugh so hard I get a side ache! Oh and also fun fridays are so fun because she's there!
8. Even though we have completely different tastes in food, when it comes to dessert we can agree! Plus I love that fact that chocolate makes her giddy!
9. She puts up with my complaining, my craziness, and my insecurities and loves me anyway! (crazy like.... self portraits in the airport, and the whole Lucy and Ethel episode in Ulta!)
and #10
I am a better person because of her!
I hope you had a great day and thanks for not getting mad when I hit your basketball hoop!
Love your guts girl!!!


Webb Family said...

Happy Birthday to Monica!! I loved your post about her, you got a great friend.

Anonymous said...

Not that this should surprise you but that wonderful post made me cry. In an average day there aren't many things that are worthy of taking with you to heaven, leave it to you to give me one last gift that will stay with me that long!!! I do treasure you!!!
Love your guts too! Monica

Crazymamaof6 said...

sounds like the best kind of friend! totally cute! hope she had a great one!

onehm said...

What a great friend!