Friday, August 10, 2007

Five for Friday

5. Tom had thought he lost his wallet(we found it later that day but boy was he stressed) so i organized the office so he would have a spot of his own. Now he has one side of the desk and the girls and I have the other. He has the laptop, a place for his phone and lots of space to set whatever he needs to down and it won't get mixed in with my purse, mail or print-offs. He was extremely happy to see the transformation when he got home-so it was worth it!
4. I went to Target and got new baby Royce a cute present and then headed over to Erin's for her to show me her wizardry on her sewing machine. So cool! I'll have to post a photo after I give the gift away. We then spent some time playing around on her computer and working on a banner for her blog. Tons-O-Fun!
3. Abby and I went to meet the teacher for pre-school. She was a little excited and a little nervous. She loved that she got a folder with her name -Amberly on it. We call her Abby and she writes her name Abby, but after talking to her teacher about what name she would like to be called, she decided Amberly. She didn't want to color or fill out any papers there so we took them home for her 1st homework assignment. She feels so big! Just like Cass. I told her I didn't want her to grow up and she needed to stay little forever. She just gave me a giggle and ran off. (sigh)
2. Cass had her 1st friend from school over tonight to swim and watch a movie. They have been talking on the phone since Wednesday night (the 1st day of school). This is a 1st - talking on the phone with a friend and having a friend that I had nothing to do with. I think all of Cassidy's friends that she plays with are daughters of my friends. Isn't that how it goes when kids are young? So this is exciting and the little girl is so cute! Kind of weird though how the Mom just let her daughter come over to a strangers house and didn't even come to the door to meet me. Then I found out this little girl is child #4 with teenage siblings so I guess the Mom has been through this before. Anyway, I'm so proud of Cassidy for making friends already at a new school and can I say loving school so far?!
1. Starting Eclipse!!!! I am liking it (I'm on page 117). Monica said this one is her favorite by far so I'm excited to get through it. I'm feeling a little selfish about reading it when people are around. I want to savor it and I don't want any distractions. So it might take me longer than I'd like to get through it just so I can enjoy it!


Crazymamaof6 said...

ok way fun! fun about the friend, coming over ! way to go on giving your hubby his own spot in the office! and YEAH! on reading eclipse!
dying to her what you think on this one! everyone's opinions are so different! hahahahhaha, can't wait!

Webb Family said...

I was hoping to see a picture of the clean office. I just finished Eclipse tonight and I also loved it, I was a little worried I wouldn't because of some of the comments on others blogs! But, I loved it and can't wait for more. That is wonderful to hear that Cassidy is loving school & already made a friend. I don't want my babies to grow up either it goes by too fast!!
Sorry this was so LONG!