Monday, August 13, 2007

Saturday is a Special Day

My favorite picture of the day......Cassidy singing into the barrel wrench!

Saturday morning started bright and early -7:30- with us heading down to the church. Tom is the Emergency Prep. guy in the ward and does a 911 University course every few months on a different subject. Today's topic - Water!
He had pre-ordered water barrels for anyone who needed them. He ordered about 70 55 gal barrels and the guy brought 30 gal. barrels so everyone got 2 for 1! It made the church parking lot look very prepared!

The guys had 3 pressure washers and were washing out the barrels (they smelled so good! Dr. Pepper and Orange Crush!), then pouring bleach into them (1/3 c. per. 55 gal) and soaking the caps in bleach to sanitize. When they were done, all you had to do was go home, set up your barrel in the place of your choice and fill it (coffee filter provided)! How easy-breezy was that?! Some people were a little skeptical, maybe because they haven't gone without water. (We lived with a well for the past 7 years and the water went out a lot!) But the workshop went great and Tom did a super job getting everything ready!
After the water workshop we headed over to Cole's birthday party. We were hot, sweaty and the girls were bored so it was heaven to jump into the pool. The kids had so much fun at the Pirate Party! Mindy, you did a bang up job! Thanks for all the fun! Loved the tat's, the headbands, the scavenger hunt and the cake!~!!! Oh and the food.....I'm still craving that chicken salad!

Aren't these the cutest pictures! My little pirates!

After that I was so tired I could barley drive home. I walked into the house, dropped my purse and went straight to bed. I didn't even take off my wet bathing suit! I laid my head on the pillow and was OUT!!! That has never happened before. I have no idea what my kids did for the next two hours because Tom was asleep next to me. That heat zapped every last ounce of energy out of me.
Later that night we got some movies and dinner for the kids. The end to a fun filled day!


Webb Family said...

Sounds like a fun but very busy Saturday!!

Erin said...

tell Tom thanks for all his (and I'm sure your) hard work getting the water barrels. We are so lucky to have him as the emergency preparedness person. We appreciate his knowledge and willingness to help.

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow! way cool! and way to go on the preparedness deal! we just got 4 water barrels. interesting. and cute cute party!

Janet Thornton said...

Loved seeing the picture of Tom...because we didn't "see" him on his birthday last week. Sorry. Love ya Tom. Love Janet & Pete

Paige said...

thanks for all the cute pics your girls are so cute!