Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday

My Kids Top Ten Favorite Toys:

10. Barbie.com, Polly Pocket.com, and Noggin.com These are a hit with my girls. On Barbie and Polly Pocket there are games they can play and they can dress and do makeovers on the dolls. Then they can print (help me!) and keep them forever! (well, not forever, but one time Cass had about 12 different Barbie makeovers taped to her wall)

9. The Trampoline. What would we do without this fun toy? The girls play on it almost everyday even in the summer. It's great when a sprinkler is sitting underneath, or the kids are given the hose. They can do amazing tricks and they have yet to fall off or break a bone! (knock on wood). It's also the perfect spot to dry off after swimming in the pool.

8. Which brings me to the next toy - The Pool!
This has been the best thing. I was very apprehensive about buying this house because of the pool. I'm so glad I did! The girls are such good swimmers because they swim so much and there is always fun to be had out there. Even if it's just the two of them. I love it when friends come to play because the house doesn't get messy when we are out at the pool.

7. The tree in our front yard. This was actually the #1 favorite toy in our house and the neighborhood until it died after the winter frost. It was always filled with kids hanging from every limb. It seriously made my heart ache when it died. I tried to save it but it just couldn't hang on. Last week we had to dig it out and replace it with a new cute little wimpy tree. However......................the tree next door is now the kids favorite toy. It's smaller and hopefully the neighbor doesn't mind. The other day I went outside and there were 5 kids in that tree and they were playing pirates! How fun is that? (btw-Cassidy has been climbing trees since before she could talk the little monkey!)

6. Bikes, skateboards and roller blades. My girls love to be outside! They love that we are not on a dirt road anymore and that our street is not busy. They spend most of their time outside when it's not over 100 degrees.

5. Flower the Cat. They chase her, play fetch with her and hug her to death. The little trooper loves every second of it. Every time we come home, the cat is waiting by the front door and Abby always greets her with a "Hi Flower!" and gives her a big hug and kiss. Every night as soon as Cass gets into bed, Flower jumps up and sleeps at the end by her feet. Every little girl needs a cat like Flower. (don't laugh at the name - she came with it and we thought it fit.)

4. Art stuff. I have a little table and four chairs in the office and one of those rolling plastic carts that hold all the girls paper, pens, crayons, scissors, stickers etc. They can spend hours making and creating! I love it because we can wheel it out to the kitchen table or into the family room so they can color on the floor. I never ever discourage creativity. It's the one mess that I never get mad about!

3. Beads. The girls love to make bracelets, necklaces, anything with beads. I just buy the stretchy cord and they go to town. It's the 1st thing they want to do when friends come over. The beads are nothing fancy but again....hours of enjoyment!

2. Barbies and Polly Pockets. Cassidy loved them when she was younger and has out grown them now except on occasion but this is Abby's FAVORITE thing to do. She's the only little girl I know that can undress a Barbie and dress her back up with no help! She will do this for hours in her room. The best thing is, she also cleans them up!

And the #1 favorite toy in this girly girly house is...........................................................
Yes, I think my girls have more dress up clothes than regular clothes! They definitely wear the dress up clothes more than the regular clothes. We have everything you could possibly imagine in the dress up department. Shoes, hats, gloves, wigs, crowns, jewelry, boy and girl costumes of all sorts. The possibilities are endless and the enjoyment is never ending.


Tiffany said...

Cara! I love this list!! ...and I love the idea of the art supplies cart for the kids! Where did you get it? What does it look like? I'm totally wanting one now...

Webb Family said...

I love your list & you can tell you have girls!!! And, how great that Abby will clean up after.

Crazymamaof6 said...

way fun list! you are the nicest mom! or maybe i am the meanest! love the tree fun! and the trampoline!

onehm said...

Great Top Ten!
You are such a great mama...