Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Thoughts

The lesson on Sunday was, "Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy." Two things stick out in my mind from this lesson that I wanted to remember. One was, this lady was visiting and seemed to have not been in awhile. She told a very touching yet disturbing story of her at work one night. It was a little uncomfortable until she ended with her saying, would she know the Savior when he came? Or would she be too busy trying to finish her work and go home? Sometimes I myself don't pay attention and just try to get through my day. I need to be better about this and have more compassion for those around me.

The second thought was on our lesson in Relief Society. It was on Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. This comment made me think all day.
"When my Great Grandmother was young, people referred to Sunday as The Holy Sabbath. When my Grandmother was young, Sunday was called The Sabbath Day.
When my Mother was young, we called it Sunday.
And now we (our generation) just call it the weekend."
How sad is that? We need to remember that Sunday is a day for rest and no matter how much we have on out "to do list" we need to slow down and remember this day.


Webb Family said...

Great reminders! My kiddos are the ones always reminding me to stop doing the dishes-it's Sunday. I need to be a better example!

Lindsey said...

this is definitely something i need to work on.

Dancin Queen said...

That ending quote was the same thing that stuck out to me when we had that lesson in RS. Powerful, huh!?

onehm said...

What wonderful thoughts! Thanks for the reminders...