Thursday, November 29, 2007


Yes, I am behind. I have about five posts I need to do and just can't find the time. December is a CRAZY month around here and the chaos has already started. Here is a brief list of what my month is going to entail:

1.. Ward Christmas party -
A night in Bethlehem (we are in charge if a booth called "The Bishops Winery")
2. Pam's birthday party on Sunday
3. Make Christmas cards for our family and Tom's office
4. Our 13th anniversary
5. Cassidy's birthday
6. Amberly's birthday
7. Kurt's graduation
8. Work Christmas party
9. Friend Christmas party
10. Book club
11. Amy's wedding
12. shopping - no I am not close to being done darn it!
13 I'm sure I am forgetting things. This is just what I can remember off the top of my head at the moment.
14. Oh, and I can't forget the daily routine of laundry, cleaning, cooking, running kids everywhere, etc.
15. oops I forgot my own birthday but Tom's taking care of that good thing!
I'm tired already. The other night the girls wanted to get their birthday trees out and decorate them. So of course we did and afterwards I went and laid on my bed with my head buried in the pillows and my legs curled under me and my bum up in the air saying, "I hate December!!!" Isn't that the most horrible thing? I think it is and I'm the one that said it!!! This is the only time of year where I get edgy and overwhelmed. And as you can see from the above list, there's not much I can cut out! I was telling Mindy the reason I feel so overwhelmed is because I want to be creative. I want to decorate to the hilt. I want to do all the fun holiday tradtions and I want to spend hours on my Christmas card so it's perfect. But there just isn't time. I have to go one day at a time and hopefully that will be good enough!

(sorry about the depressing post. But I just had to get it off my chest! It's better than running around here screaming my frustrations out! Ü )


Webb Family said...

I feel like every year I turn into scrooge & I don't have as many things as you! Just today I was going over the huge last of parties this year, we have 5 & we will have to throw in the twins b-day! If you need any help decorating I would love to!!

Crystal Star said...

I think you have an unusual December load of bdays/special events etc. every year. What about celebrating your anniversaries in 1/2 in June? And praying that the next baby that gets sent your way is also not born in Dec :)
I'm calling you today, I have one more thing to add to your list. J/K

idahohubers said...

It was such a nice break for me to hang out at your house. My kids loved to play. . . so we'll have to come back- BUT only if I can help you with some of your stuff! If my kids are behaving I can fold laundry or lift heavy things for you :-) If you want to collaborate on Tom's card let me know. After Monday I'll be done with some of my stressful committments and in a more creative state!

cindylou said... forgot the most important thing in December, ms. Birthday Girl!! :o)

lindsey said...

i know how you feel. so much to do so little time. and you have got an extra full month. i know everything you do will be great! good luck ;)

Megan said...

wow! i feel exhausted and overwhelmed for you. 2 birthdays and Christmas in the same month would do me in. not to mention all that other stuff. I personally think it is okay to briefly curl up with your bum in the air and declare your feelings about December. but Now get back to work... that laundry isn't going to fold itself missy

Megan said...

so You forgot to mention your own birthday in that list! who knows you just might get a cake.