Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday Fun

Monica, Mindy and I started our Black Friday journey at 5am. We met at Mindy's and headed to Target. I had never done this before. I had no idea what I was in for but with these two I knew it would be fun!!!

We went and stood in line at Target in the freezing cold. Who knew that this very morning would be the coldest day of the season? We froze our hineys off for a good solid hour while Mindy's DH was over freezing his hiney off at EB Games waiting for a Wii. He was 8th in line and there were 20 in the window. SCORE!!!

How is it possible that Monica is so cheery at this hour??!!
Monica guarding our loot while Mindy went down the movie isle. All movies were $3.50. The isle was packed. Jam packed. But tall, beautiful, skinny Mindy with her LOOOOOOOOONG arms when right through and grabbed every movie she could get her hands on. She was reaching over under and through all the people. It was AMAZING!!! She came back with her arms full and said, "lets go through these and see what I got!" Believe me when I say we laughed really hard at this one! I also got an injury when a many decided to ram his huge box sitting on his shoulder into the side of my head. It took me by such surprised I yelped out loud! I had a big red mark to show everyone how brave I was shopping with all the crazy people on Black Friday!Another favorite moment was when Mindy came over and said, "Look what I got! I don't know what it is or how much it costs but everyone was grabbing one so I did too!" Can you see why shopping with this girl is fun?!
We left with our carts full and out sides hurting from laughing so hard! But we weren't done yet! The day was still young. We had more places to go! We headed over to Kohl's. They opened at 4am and when I went by at 4:45 on my way to Mindy's the whole parking lot was FULL! I had never seen it that full! We decided to investigate. We went in saw the line and went right back out. No thanks. We would have been in line for 2 hours at least. So we drove by Costco and saw a line. We didn't need anything at Costco but we saw a line so we went and got in said line. By this time people weren't looking as bad as we did. We could noticeably tell who had gone out before the sun came up and who had slept in. We decided it was time to call it quits after one last stop at Mervyns. By this time we were shopping for ourselves so that was fun. We all got a new sweater and a few other things. I have to say that Mervyns compared to Kohl's was night and day. The employee's looked happy and organized and the ones at Kohl's looked like they were going to beat you! Scary! I had a blast and will probably do it again next year! Thanks girls!!
(us at Costco waiting in the line)


Erin said...

Wish I had been there! Sounds like you had fun.

Webb Family said...

You guys look so cold! I can picture Mindy grabbing all those videos. You guys scored!

lindsey said...

i love black friday shopping!!! looks like you guys had a fun time! i did the same thing..when people were grabbing things so did I, I didn't even know what I was taking. pure heaven!!