Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Build a Bear

I took the girls to build-a-bear on a whim one afternoon. We had gone to the eye doctor to get Cassidy's eye's checked and when we were done we headed to the new mall. We walked around and had a good time going in all the kids shops. Then the girls spied build-a-bear. They of course begged and pleaded and I of course caved. Tom seems to always be the "FUN" parent and I seem to always be the one that makes them do their chores, homework etc. Hence why I caved. We sure had fun in there. So many cute things to choose from. Cass chose the Husky dog with the puppy and Abby chose the pink bear with the cheer-leading outfit. I didn't get any "after" shots because I dropped my little camera and it broke! (good thing Tom fixed it later)

Here is Abby rubbing the heart so it will be a
"warm heart" before she put it in the bear
Here is Cass giving her dog an air shower and getting it all pretty

Abby waiting for her bear to be done while holding the cheer outfit.

Cass and her husky dog Snowy with baby Snowball


Erin said...

You are a fun Mom, I wish I were more like you!

Laurie M. said...

Fun! My kids love Build-a-Bear too- it is so fun to put together your own toy. My daughter picked out the same husky dog and baby when we went for her birthday.

Lisa said...

Umm. . .do you just carry your camera in your purse or what? I'm pretty sure you can't, because I've seen your camera. Regardless, they were cute pictures and I enjoyed your spontaneous "disneyland" mom moment. Maybe I'll have one of those with Kate this week. . .a "planned" moment of spontaneity. Ha!

Lisa said...
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