Sunday, November 18, 2007

Melt Down City

Have you ever felt like crying for no reason? Well this morning Amberly had a melt down. She started crying and we don't know why. Then to get her to stop Tom got out the "tear jar". Well, normally that makes little kids stop just like that. You know the whole distraction thing. Well today it made it worse. She cryed harder and harder. It went into complete hysteria. Here are the pictures to prove it! (check out the 3rd picture for a glimpse of the do-it-yourself haircut)

Tear Jar Poem
A plain canning jar
On an old dusty shelf
mama would keep within reach
There were falls and fears
Of three little girls
And the jar caught the tears of each
Quarrels and bad dreams
Bumps and bruises and stings
Mama's arms would calm the fears
And when the world was unkind
To three little girls
Her jar would capture the tears
credits for poem: Mary Englebreit
credits for scrapbook page: Amy Teets design


Jennifer said...

It cracks me up that YOU were taking pictures of it while Tom was trying to calm her down! :-) You're the BEST. MAN! I just loved LOVED being with you yesterday. Let's do it again SOON!

Cara said...

Tom kept saying, "Mom don't take pictures, it's making it worse!" But I was just laughing and snapping away!!

Erin said...

I would take pictures too. When there is a melt down sometimes the best thing is taking pictures, I think it helps you stay calm.

lindsey said...

poor thing. i love the tear jar, i had never heard of that before. that page is darling! where did you get the stuff.

Laurie M. said...

Haha! The only reason we can laugh along with you is because we've been there too. I think it comes with having little girls. The tear jar is a cute idea!

Dancin Queen said...

Cute tear jar idea. And I've taken pictures of my kids tantrums before too--BLACKMAIL!

onehm said...

Love those days...we've had the meltdown numerous times at our house!!