Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Random Top Ten Tuesday

10. No one showed up this morning so I went walking ALL BY MYSELF!! This is a miracle. The most non-exercising girl going walking on her own. WOW! I'm so proud of myself.
9. I got all my flowers planted in the front bed. I think they look divine and I very excited to see what they do there. It's in 99% shade during the winter so I can't plant the traditional Arizona winter flowers petunias, snapdragons and pansies. I chose Impatients because they love shade and they are so pretty in California all year long I'm hoping to duplicate them here.
8. I have a clean garage. Still can't park the car in there but it's clean. I'm not giving up on the whole car thing. I think it can be done.
7. I went to Target and got the girls new socks, underwear and undershirts. I spent $102.57. I didn't know socks and underwear could be so spendy. (I guess I did slip two cute holiday shirts in there but they were only $5 each).
6. I fell asleep on the couch at 5:15ish. I was so tired I just couldn't keep my eyelids open. Cassidy was sitting next to me and asking me homework questions. I knew I was answering her but I also knew I was sleeping at the same time. Odd I know. That has never happened before.
5. I made Chicken Cacciatore for dinner. It was yummy and the family liked it.
4. Then Tom took me to AJ's for a little treat on the way to our night out with his Brother and wife.
3. We went to the new Mesa Arts Center (I hadn't been there before) and saw Anuna- Celtic Origins. It's a Celtic coral group that his Brother and wife wanted to see so we took them for their Christmas present from LAST YEAR!! Yep 11 months later and we are finally giving the gift of the Holiday season. They were good. I wish there had been some dancing instead of just singing but we enjoyed it.
2. I loved getting to spend the evening with my sweetie. We never go out "just us" We always bring the girls. Mainly because we hate to get a sitter and also because we like our girls and we want to be with them. However, I may have to change that because I loved having all the attention! (wink)
1. After we got home at 11pm did we go to bed? Nope, we breezed through Dancing with the Stars to find out who got booted off. All our favorites are still on. YAY!!! Can't wait till next week. Oh, a little side note about Mondays show. The girls were SOOOOO funny. Every time the judges would hold up their scoring numbers the girls would get all excited and scream and hug each other. A couple of people got 10's and you would have thought they had just won a billion dollars with the way the girls were cheering and hugging each other. It was hilarious!!


Cindylou said...

AAGH! We miss you & Tom! Just reading this post, for some reason, made me miss you tons, Cara Jane! :o) Come see us in CO!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

that is all pretty fab! love how excited the girls were about the scores! you totally need to go out alone more! it is so nice sometimes.

love the snoozing while you helped with homework. yay on the garage and the flowerbed! have a great week!

Melody said...

I'd love to see your garden sometime. It sounds pretty and like you really know what your doing. I'm sick of all the cactus and rock around, but am clueless how to grow pretty things. The other day a leaf fell of the fake plant I have on a table out back--yah real green thumb here.

Webb Family said...

Hey so what are you saying about the people who get sitters ha ha! I started cleaning out our garage too, gotta make room for all the C-mas crap!