Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Better Day

Today was much better than yesterday. I have my "don't worry about a thing" attitude goin' on. Last night's depressing post was the result of sitting at the computer far too long making my Christmas card. Far, far too long! It's finally done and the final corrections have been completed. I'm going to get them printed tomorrow and sent out. If I don't have your address please e-mail me, Id love to send you one.

Now that I semi know what I'm doing I'm going to start on the office Christmas card. Monica and I had a fun time photographing the guys for their card. We were calling them the "Rat Pack" because there were six of them in dark suits and they looked oh so cool! We had two hours of fun taking pictures! Towards the end I had two cameras around my neck taking pictures, Monica had her camera and was laying on a towel and shooting up at them. All of this on a busy six lane road in front of their new office. Yes we got a few honks and whistles and I'm sure a lot of people were wondering what movie stars were here in our little town getting their pictures taken. Hee,hee so much fun!

***Birthday Update***
I have convinced Cassidy that to have the birthday party that she wants (a pajama party) we need to do it in January. She is fine with this and has figured out that with her school singing to her, Tom's family singing to her, my family singing to her (all at different events) and going out to dinner on her real birthday she will have had five whole days of fun. Can you blame her for agreeing to a January birthday? This is something I totally would have done as a child (I hate to admit that but it's true). Is this my girl or what???


Crazymamaof6 said...

way to go getting your card done my prospects are dismal for those. but i totally want one of yours. so i am sending you my address. you are so cute! ok love that you took tons of photos of the office, i hope you post some. and hmmmm fabulous idea to spread out the fun for the birthday girl.

Webb Family said...

I'm happy that your day went better for you! I'm sure your guys looked great. I got your call sorry I didn't call you back it was a busy day! I'm also very excited to go out with you guys this weekend!!

Grandma T. said...

Cara, you rock! My address is no secret to you. We need both cards. I need to see movie star Thomas LaMar. Love Aunt Janet

THE Bridesmaid said...

Yeah! Some sort of relief for you this month. That's great :)