Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Card

I thought I would post my Christmas card I made this year.
( I want to archive it)

I had no idea a year ago (or a month ago for that matter) how to make any form of cards. I went online and found the cutest templates off SMJ Designs and bought some. Then I opened my big mouth and started offering to take family photo's (what was I thinking?) and making their cards (the holiday bustle had my brain not functioning very well). I was very unsure but I think everyone was happy and I had fun learning lots of new things!!!

I made six Christmas cards in all and I thought I had saved them but I guess I only saved them on a CD and sent them on their way (I told you my mind was not functioning at it's peak!) Oh look I found two cards hidden in the depths of the computer (which is dying a slow and painful death BTW)

Here's the guy's Christmas card that was sent out to over 1000 people. No pressure on me at all to make my 1st Christmas card from scratch and not having a CLUE on how to do it!

Here's Dave and Patty (Tom's brother and SIL.) This is the cutest picture of them which made the card so perfect! They loved it ! sweetie dearest just came in and I told him how I couldn't find those cards I made. He said he deleted them because he thought I was done and like I said our computer is dying and he was trying to free up space. So, sorry I can't post the rest of the cards. They all turned out soooo cute because the families were oh so cute!


Jennifer said...

Cara! They look awesome. I am convinced that you can do anything. I love it! And your family pic looks great. Have you posted the story of that ??

Erin said...

They look so good! Next year my goal is to make a cute card just like you!

The Wells Family said...

So you are getting to be quite the Photographer....So where are the other 3 cards? I wanna see.
Tell me software you bought. I love it. Hugs, Kim

idahohubers said...

You fill your life with so many beautiful traditions and friends. I love all your cards and Matt's ornament and the birthday trees and YOU! I'm so glad I took the extended stay in AZ.

THE Bridesmaid said...

You did awesome! You really need to teach me this stuff :)

Melody said...

Wow! I love the cards you made. You really do need to have a class on how you do all these creative things.

Webb Family said...

You are awesome and so sweet to do that many with your crazy busy schedule! They turned out great & I LOOOOved yours!