Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Tradition #12

#12 The Santa Collection One of my favorites from my Mom because she was so talented in her sewing.

(I think this was her favorite too)

My bookshelf with some of the Santa's on it along with my new JOY blocks from Lizzy.

(Thanks Lizzy we love them!)

One of my other favorites....a little elf his hat!


The first year Tom and I were married (all of two weeks) I found a Santa stuffed into my stocking from my new hubby. I have been collecting Santa's ever since. I usually get a new one each year from my Mom along with my birthday ornament. The year she died and it came time for my birthday I was a little sad because I knew I wouldn't be getting a Santa from her any more. I opened my gift from my MIL and can you guess what it was? Yep, a Santa. She has carried on the tradition which means more to me than just getting a Santa each year. (Although, the Santa she gave me this year ROCKED! was a rocking Santa and my girls just couldn't get enough of his booty shaking to "It's a Holly Jolly Christmas! Great fun!)

#13 The Santa Pillow Collection


Going right along with #11 I love picking up a new Santa pillow for the couch each year. (I haven't gotten one this year oops!) It just makes our family room seem more like Christmas. It's also a very quick and easy birthday gift for me if you don't know what to get me! (hint-hint for next year!)

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Crazymamaof6 said...

love your collection and how sweet your mother in law picked up that tradition. and way Cute christmas pillow.