Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Tradition #2

Getting the Christmas Tree

Tom and I have grown up having a real tree every year and we are continuing the tradtion. I'm not quite sure how many people still get real trees anymore. It seems less and less. I told Tom that untill they make getting a real tree illegal (which you know someone will) we are getting one. He agrees. There is something magical about going and picking out that special tree just right for your family. Most years since we have been married and all of Tom's life the brothers have gone up to the family ranch and cut down trees for everyone. This year we went to a tree lot with some extra helpers (that came home with us from Breakfast with Santa). The girls had a fun time picking out that perfect tree. I had picked out a Grand Fir. It was so pretty and smelled soooo good! The girls picked out a Noble Fir. When it came down to it, Tom had a vote. Guess who won? Yep those four little girls up in that picture that's who!

We came home with a beautiful Noble Fir and Tom says it's the prettiest tree we have ever had! (he says that every year but I won't remind him of that!)


Erin said...

We used to get a real tree when I was a kid, too bad Ryan is allergic so the tradition in our house will always be fake.

Webb Family said...

I love going to pick out the perfect tree! Darn sickness with baby#1, after that it has never been the same!!! I remember coming home from work & right before I would walk inside, I would take a deep breath & run upstairs so I wouldn't have to smell it!! So sad!

Megan said...

girls and their daddy's! How can you compete with that?

Crazymamaof6 said...

seems like lots of people this year have had real we have fake, pre-lit. but going to the lot would be tempting and smell so good!