Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Traditions #10 (are you bored yet?)

Growing up being the only girl in a family of all boys as you can guess I was a tad bit spoiled. Not too spoiled, just enough spoiled! Which leads me to my next tradition.

Birthday Trees and Ornaments!

My birthday is December 23rd. Every year growing up when we would go get our family Christmas tree I would also get a little live pine tree in a wooden pot. It was my "Birthday Tree". My birthday presents went under that tree in birthday paper NOT Christmas paper. And every year I would get a new ornament for my tree from my Mom.

When I got married and had my first real Christmas tree it was so nice to pull out those ornaments that I had been collecting thanks to Mom and share all the memories that went with them. The ornaments usually had to do with something that happened that year. For example: One year I think I was about 8 years old my Mom and I and my best friend Leah and her Mom went to San Francisco (ooooh the BIG city!) to see the Nutcracker Ballet. It was AMAZING!! I can still remember how magical it was. That year for my birthday ornament my Mom got me a mini nutcracker to hang on my tree. Last year I started a new tradition with my brothers to have an ornament exchange. I think my brothers really like the idea and have been quite creative in picking out their ornaments. This year Matt made us all an ornament out of our Christmas cards. He's the crafty one!

I know I complain a bit about having all our birthdays and anniversary in December but one of the things I love about that is that I get to share my birthday tradition with my girls. They each have a birthday tree (not a live one I have no room to plant two trees a year) and they are each decorated to fit their personality. Abby's is pink (of course what other color would it be?) and Cassidy's is a candy tree for her LOVE of the sweet stuff! They love their trees and I love searching for the perfect ornament to give to them on their birthdays just as I'm sure my Mother did for me.

Abby's tree (above all in pink) and Cassidy's tree (below filled with color and sugary things)


Erin said...

I love that tradition! Makes me wish my kids had December b-days so I could do it too.

Crazymamaof6 said...

OHHHH fun tradition! i wonder if boys would think that was cool? Paxton could totally have that. love the crafty ornament! and their trees are so cute! i like them both! what a fun tradition!

Webb Family said...

What a great idea for December birthdays!!