Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy, Happy Birthday to You!!!

Miss Amberly Ann is four years old!

She is so very excited to be four. She has finished her oatmeal everyday since her birthday and says, "Mom, I didn't waste it because I'm four now!"
She tells everyone she sees that she had her birthday and she's four. She holds up those cute little fingers with such pride! Time sure does fly past when you have such a sweet little angel girl around!

Four Reasons Why I Love Miss Amberly Ann!

4. She has the best facial expressions. You can read her like a book! Her little face is so animated she's more fun to watch that any old T.V. show. I sometimes find myself just staring at her from across the table because she is so entertaining. She's also so dang cute that I can hardly stand it!

3. She's very much a Mama's girl. I love this. Cassidy is sooooooooo a Daddy's girl and has been since day one. (I've said this many times) It's so nice to have my little shadow follow me everywhere and want to be with me. I hope this never changes. Especially when she becomes a teenager. You know teenagers and their Mom's - it's never a good combo. I'm crossing my fingers with this one! Just today she walked by me in the hall on the way to her room and said, "I love you." I wasn't quite sure who she was talking to so I said, "you love me?" Her reply was, "Yep, I love you Mom," and she kept on walking. This is why we Mothers have children!

2. She's a cleaner. Yes, I love this about her. Is that wrong?? I'm a cleaner just like my Dad so it's nice to have someone to share my love of cleaning with. This girl can clean her room faster than I any adult I know. She's in and out so quick that sometimes I don't believe her. When I go in and check, yep it's clean. And not like Cassidy who throws everything into the laundry basket or in the closet. This little chick puts things away! Amazing!! I told her Birth Mom thanks for installing that clean gene in her because it comes in so handy. Again, lets hope this stays with her as a teenager!

1. I love to see her personality come out each and every day. It's so fun to watch your children grow and become their own little person. She's a joy to be around and my favorite little buddy. She's so sweet and kind, playful and crazy. She's the perfect match to our family of four. Everything she does we are happy to be a part of and we are so thankful to have her!


cindylou said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, Abby girl! I wish I were closer so that I could see you more often and watch you as you grow! You are so dang cute! I can't believe you are already FOUR! Hope your birthday was fun fun fun!! :o)

Crazymamaof6 said...

she is arodable! hope she had a great day! love that she wears a bow, way to go mama! that is totally my speed.
who doesn
t love a mama's girl and a good cleaner! that is fabulous!

Webb Family said...

Happy Birthday Abby!!! I hope she had a super day!!! You are one lucky mama to get a girl that will clean & really do it. I love all the cute photos.

Pam said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm sorry she had to share it with Kurt this year. We love you very much. Garrett wouldn't know what to do without his Abby.