Monday, December 3, 2007

Hell Month and Party Planning

This month I am going to fess up now and admit that I will be a "Bad Blogger."
I probably won't post very often, I won't comment very much and I will be very behind in every one's day-to-day posts because I won't be reading all my fun and favorite blogs (sniff).

I promise it won't last. It's just that Hell Month has started and every waking second is spent dealing with all the demands I have going on this month. Please take no offense if you are involved in any of the activities I will be involved with. Hell Month is just my terminology for "a very, very, very busy month."

However, I am asking for some creative party planning advice. I have two birthday parties to plan in the next week and I've come up with......nothing! Zip, zero, zilch!

I need some easy, fun, girly party ideas for a soon to be 4 year old and a soon to be 9 year old. They can be together or separate. I don't care. I guess it would depend on the party. I wish I could say that we could do a family party and be done but I did that with Abby last year and she is soooo excited for her birthday I hate to downplay it too much.

So any help what-so-ever would be great! I know there are a lot of creative, fun, talented, amazing brains out there! Do you think you could help a girl out???

(btw, I spent ALL day making my Christmas card. It turned out so cute! However, I think I may need a new computer because it will save as a PSD.file but not a Jpeg.file. Which means I can't take it to get it printed!!!! See why the terminology of Hell Month has to come into play!)


Pam said...

I know I don't have any girls, but I think you should run with the Birthday Tree idea. You could create a Pink Christmas, guest comes first thing in the morning in PJ's, like Christmas morning. Bring out Abby's tree to put presents under. Pink mistletoe, pink ribbon, maybe even a full pink stocking. Christmas, but pink.

Cassidy or Abby could have an indoor swimming party.

Cassidy's party could be a talent show or pretend rock concert.

My thoughts....

Webb Family said...

WOW I loved all of Pam's great ideas! I got nothin' but I will start thinking of stuff! Any ideas for a boy/girl party!? I love how you call it Hell month!!!

Erin said...

I think you should have a luau for the girls party.