Friday, January 4, 2008

52 BP #1

Fifty Two Blessing's Project
(week one)

I'm grateful for this beautiful girl who is

strong, smart, helpful, kind, obedient, funny

and growing up way too fast!


Lizzy said...

What a great idea! She is a blessing for sure-so dang cute that one!
Thanks for letting us tag along with you guys the other night,we had a ton of fun!

AddiEphriaMom said...

i think i may do this little blog idea as well! where do you find this stuff!!!

for sure cassidy is all of those thins you listed! how blessed you are.

Jenifer said...

Love it. I think it is sooo important for our kids to know what a blessing they are!

crystal said...

I love this! I've simply got to do it. And for the record, Diet DP is the LIQUID FORM of a happy pill! C'mon over!