Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday

10 Things I Did Today
10. Cleaned up the house, got everyone off to where they needed to go and got Abby and I ready for the day.
9. Went shopping with Erin to find her a lamp. Didn't find one but saw Brooke at Homegoods and found Elena her filing cabinets she's been wanting.
8. Took Abby to school and went to get blood work done. Fun, fun, fun!
7. Picked up Abby from school and had a nice chat with Aimee and Posh Spice (aka-Lori) Ü
6. Started dinner about 4ish - Chicken Tortilla Soup which I made a little too spicy but was still hearty and good. The avocado added to the top was better than dessert!
5. Tom came home early and took Cass to the gym with him so Abby and I played two games of bowling on the Wii. She won the 1st game and I won the 2nd.
4. Kurt and Pam came over to help me with some old picture projects and we ended up planning a cruise and playing the Wii all night.
3. Filled out a settlement form to get money back from my diamond ring that Tom bought me last year. I'm sure it's a fraud but thought what the heck, I'll fill out the form what's the worst that can happen, they send me some moolaa?
2. Was sad that I haven't had time to catch up on my blog reading in what seems like a week! I love reading every one's blogs because of all the inspiration I get!
1. Put my kids to bed and am off for a nice long soak in my bathtub to relax and get ready for another day.
(btw I bought the chair and it was shipped today!!! I'm almost ready to show the "real" after photo of my clean office!)


Jenifer said...

All in a hard days work! Planning a cruise, soak in the tub. Just kidding. You got a lot done! Way to go on the Wii!

Erin said...

Thanks for shopping with me. Too bad about the lamp, maybe we'll have to go again sometime. Sounds like you had a fun day.

Andrea said...

Fun shopping, chatting, playing! You had a good day! Hope you enjoy your bubble bath!

Webb Family said...

That was so fun seeing you at Home Goods! When are you going on a cruise? Just last night Mike said out of the blue he's ready for another one. I can't wait to see your NEW office. I'm sure it will put Pottery Barn to shame!

Holly said...

I'd say that's a pretty nice list of accomplishments!

Crazymamaof6 said...

sounds like a full day! so do you go to the lab on power? by the emergency hospital? i used to love that one.
ah lab work no fun!

but the rest of the day sounds delightful! whoohoo on that! and another cruise! pretty great!

yes your office sounds like it is coming together! can't wait!

Megan said...

3 things....
1.Dang you sure know how to pack a day!
2. Shopping with you sounds like I will get what I am looking for and you will not. Sorry about that but what do you say we go look for a coffee table together.
and 3. I am committing a sin by coveting the fact that you have a Wii and I do not!

crystal said...

What?! You mean you DIDN'T buy the stag horn clock? I'm crushed.

Crystal Star said...

Keep me posted on the cruise, I may just show up! I'm not kidding. I've always regretting not going on the girlfriend one.

When you are done with your office do you want to come and brainstorm here? I miss that.

Oh and while you are out and about keep your eyes open for that great b&w covered chair I am dreaming of!

sara said...

wow you got a lot done...that soup sounds so good especially on this chilly day!!! I would love the recipe...hint hint

Lizzy said...

Thank you sooooo much for the yummy treats! WE love them!! I feel so lucky :) I even made a post about it :) thanks again!!

Shelly said...

I love the Wii so much. I am glad you and Abby can play together. She was so cute when I left your house yesterday. She yells to me when I was getting in the car "Cute Shoes!" I love it. You totally have a girly-girl. Not many 4 year olds notice shoes! I just added you to my list of bloggers! I couldn't believe I didn't have you on my list. I just realized I was checking yours on a regular basis, but just linking to if from other peoples. You are amazing!

Lori said...

Busy, busy! I had no idea there was a Home Goods store here. There's one back home and I'd find some fun stuff there. You'll have to let me know where it is.