Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Update

I am a little behind in blogging land. I just realized that I forgot my Easter Update! My brain is not quite working to it's best abilities lately so I'll just update now if that's o.k.

Easter was a little different this year. We had been in Mexico until about 6:20 Saturday night. We pulled up into our driveway just as all our neighbors were walking down the street to the greenbelt for our 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt in the DARK!!!
We hopped out of the car, ran into the house got our baskets and flashlights and headed down the street with everyone else. truthful I didn't even look in the mirror, change clothes or check my kids to see if the looked halfway decent. (This is so unlike me) We were too excited!!

(See how lovely I look from riding in the car for 4 hours!) This is Me, Crystal and Traci - I'm telling ya, my neighbors are great!

Our Neighbors two houses away had borrowed our nativity clothes and some of the kids put on a little Easter skit they had written. (cute) While the kids were in the garage watching the skit the Dads hid all the eggs in the greenbelt and front yard.

The kids had so much fun finding eggs in the dark. This is such a great idea because it takes a looooong time to find the eggs. Someone might be walking in front of you and miss an egg that was right at their feet. It all depends where your light is shining whether you find an egg or not. Abby lucked out and spotted an egg in the front yard so she was the only one that hunted there. I think she found about 95% of her eggs (about 20) in the yard while everyone else headed for the greenbelt. Cassidy and a cute girl she met stuck together and found a lot of eggs. I think the big kids (teenagers) went around and found eggs, opened them, took the candy and then put them back. Most of the eggs Cassidy found were candy less. Abby shared her candy and all was well but we might have to bring that up for next year.

After we had such a great time visiting, hunting for eggs and eating treats we headed home to unload the car and clean up from our trip. We got the kids in bed then Mr. & Mrs. Easter bunny went to work getting things ready for the next morning. As I was filling eggs with candy and filling baskets with toys I realized we didn't have anything for Easter dinner - oops! We didn't even have any milk!!! By this time it was about midnight and I was done so I said forget it, we'll just have whatever. And to be honest everything was fine. However, next year I am going to be sure to get our traditional Honey Baked Ham. I missed it even if no one else did.

(Darn picture won't turn to save my life!!)

Easter morning the girls had fun looking for eggs and their baskets. Cassidy is onto us but made sure she didn't spill the beans for Abby's sake. She's a great big sister and so thoughtful. Abby doesn't know how good she has it! Church was very nice and the rest of the day we spent together - nothing fancy but very nice and relaxing.

Oh and one last funny thing before I end this rather long post. While Mindy and Monica and I were shopping for Easter stuff and baskets we realized that all three of us have TOTALLY different traditions for Easter. I mean so different that we were laughing out loud in Wal-mart discussing it. I then talked to my youngest brother about our family traditions later and he and I have different memories as well. So I thought I would post my little families Easter traditions and see if people will post theirs. I think that would be fun to see what we all do on Easter.

Our Easter Traditions

1. We put our Easter baskets outside the backdoor with any colored hard boiled eggs we have done inside the empty basket.

2. The Easter bunny hides the eggs along with his own plastic candy filled eggs around the yard.

3. The Easter bunny also fills the Easter baskets with grass, more candy, a chocolate bunny, toys, chalk, socks, bubbles, lots of little cute springy toys like jump ropes and stuff from the $1 section, and always a new bathing suit for summer. (However this year they got webkins because they used the new bathing suits in Mexico-this is the 1st year there were no suits in the basket)
4. The Easter bunny comes on Sunday Morning.

So what is your family's Easter traditions?


idahohubers said...

I love the egg hunt in the dark idea. Our Easter's were always low key growing up. We usually got baskets with candy but I don't remember the Easter bunny ever being part of our festivities. I am still thinking of what our traditions for our children will be. For now I have 2 traditions for next year. Because the kids are so young I think the rest will come over the years. I plan to always do new church clothes. And I also loved having them fill their own easter baskets this year. Next year I may have them make baskets for each other. I also have this recipe for 'resurrection cookies' which you make the night before. While the oven pre heats you make the batter and drop the dough on the cookie sheet. Then you turn off the oven and let them cook all night. In the morning the cookies are hallow and you talk about the empy tomb. Sounds so cool. I didn't try it because I was too stressed with other things. But next year the kids will be 5 and 4 so I think it would be exciting for them.

Jennifer said...

I love your traditions. Especially the swim suit. GREAT idea. AND duh Cara! You ALWAYS look great, seriously!

Lolly Jane said...

Cara, you're still spazzy as usual! ;) {Kelli Payne now Mullins here} Love it. Your daughters are so old now, I haven't seen you guys forever! Anyway, had to drop you a line as I randomly stumbled across your cute blog! xo!

Anonymous said...

Cara! You are back. I am glad you had a good time in Mexico. I like going to Rocky Pointe. I am so behind on my posts too! Oh, well. Love you!

Dancin Queen said...

An egg hunt in the dark?! What a fun idea! I think I'm getting addicted to those webkins. They're so cute! I can't stop buying them!

pam said...

You always have fun!!

We dye eggs and the easter bunny just knows that they are in the fridge. Then the easter bunny hides them And brings easter baskets full of candy and toys.

Kurt said that growing up he remembers the easter baskets were hidden.

Bits Of Becca said...

We usually have an Easter egg hunt on Sat. Either with the community or in our yard with some other families. The Easer Bunny Doesn't come to our house on Sunday. We didn't grow up doing that, so we just don't. We have a great Easter dinner with family or friends and call it good.

Cottage Dreaming said...

Cara, Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you liked the chairs. Wonderful Easter you and your family had. Take care.

Cindy said...

Cara, I totally love the Easter Egg hunt in the dark idea!! Sounds like a blast.
Since my children are all grown our Easters are low key. We used to do egg hunts. For a few years I posted pictures of the Savior in the dining room for the kids to see Easter morning. Just as a little reminder what is all about. We also did a little 12 days of Easter with a scripture and little token that had something to do with it in a plastic egg. Things like a dice to represent casting lots, a small nail, a piece soap, spices, a white piece of cloth. You get the idea. It helped us to remember the true meaning of Easter.

cindylou said...

Hey Miss Cara!! Looks like you had a fun Easter! Your neighborhood sounds awesome! Wish ours was as FULL of kids!! I'm glad you guys had soo much fun!

Webb Family said...

What are you talking about you look great for that long drive home! I have always wanted to do an Easter egg hunt in the dark.
I'm so proud of you for working out!

Anny said...

Bits of Becca said it, we do the same. Hunt on Saturday, Easter dinner on Sunday. Your traditions are so fun, I love the pictures.