Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Little Abby Moment

This morning I was getting ready and Abby was sitting on the counter playing in my makeup (as usual). We had the doors and windows open enjoying the spring air and there were a couple of black birds outside singing away. (Black birds are VERY loud in case you didn't know)

Abby says to me:
"What's up with that birdie trying to teach us to chirp?"

I thought that was so cute and just had to write it down before I forgot!~ Chirp.....that's funny!

(I had to edit the quote from Abby from, "why is that" to "what's up with" because I remebered her exact wording AFTER I wrote the post.)


Jenifer said...

I always think those birds sound like balloons that you stretch the neck out and slowly let the air out. What a cute comment!

Crazymamaof6 said...

way cute! ALI started a blog. it's on my sidebar. and i posted yesterday about it. go see! her kids are too cute! i knew you'd want to know!~

crystal said...

I love the cute little things kids say :)

pam said...

I love Abby. I wish I could just see a glimpse of her as an adult. Too Cute!!

Think Pink said...

Cute! Kids say the cutest things sometimes. My little Dylan is a "master" of saying the cutest little things. Enjoy the sweetness and innocence of your children!
Have a wonderful weekend!

cindylou said...

So, she obviously gets her spunky, crazy little personality from her crazy momma! I love it! What a darn cutie she is! She'd probably make me laugh as much as you do, Cara Sue!