Saturday, March 1, 2008

More This and That

Today was 83 and GORGEOUS!!! The girls spent all day outside catching lizards (gross). Every kid in the neighborhood was out having a blast with one another. This is my childhood dream. My girls are so lucky and they don't even know it!

Today I spent lazin' around, looking at some magazines I have stashed away for some garden ideas and feeling a bit sore from yesterdays adjustment at the back cracker. I also have been a little dizzy and still have a sore throat, cough and no voice. My friend brought over some soup for me which was a nice little treat. Thanks Kim! You're a sweetie!

I definitely have the itch to plant something and see my sad and sorry backyard transform into something lush and green. I have high hopes but we'll have to see. We are thinking about getting rid of the trampoline and getting a play-set. Cassidy wants monkey bars and I think it would be a nice change. However since our backyard (grassy area is the size of a postage stamp) it may have to be a small play-set. We saw one in the open-house around the corner that is going up for auction. Tom and I were trying to figure out how to get it out of that backyard and into ours - maybe walk it down the street at 2am one morning? I'm only kidding but we also thought the same thing about the spa they had too. Who would foreclose on a house and not take their spa? At least sell it people. Don't just give it away to the bank!

I am in the process of washing all the sheets etc to try and get rid of any last germs. I mopped the floors today twice to help with the pesky critters and to get a strange "wet dog" smell to disappear that was over by the kitchen table. We don't have a dog so I'm a little confused. I do have kids in and out all day and who knows maybe one of them brought in a dog and I didn't know it. That still doesn't account for a lingering "wet dog smell." Weird!

Abby was extra snugly with her Daddy tonight which was nice for him since she usually pick me over him. Cassidy was so tired and her nose and cheeks were pink from the sun which made for an easy bedtime. No stalling tonight which is a rarity for her. She's a night owl like us for sure!

I"m off now to make my bed and get in it for the night. I hope tomorrow I have some of my energy back! Thanks for listening to my rambling these last few days. ♥Ü♥

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Anny said...

I hope you feel better too! I wish I were there in the heat, I would even catch lizards with the girls (or at least send my boys out).