Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Family Blog Book

My friend Brandi had the BEST idea for a blog book. We all want one lets just admit. We don't want our thoughts and pictures sitting out in cyberland forever. We have been taught to journal and preserve our history for future generations. But how might you add??? I have the answer! Well, Brandi has the answer and since her blog is private she has given me permission to give that answer to all of you! Ü

She has taken a years worth of blog posts, sorted and searched for the best ones along with pictures and compiled them all into one book. A year at a glance you might want to call it. Holidays, birthdays, vacations, fun little family memories etc. This is what she wrote on her blog about it (I copied it directly)


On Friday our first Family Book arrived. I was so excited to see how it would turn out. Everything turned out really nice. It took me about a week to compile everything and format it they way I wanted. However, I think a week is pretty good considering I had a year worth of pictures and blogs to compile into this book. I have to admit this blog thing and family website really does help in keeping up some sort of family record. I was able to document everything from family vacations to Lexi and Anna’s accomplishment. I even included things Matt and I had been up to. It is such a simple and fun way to keep connected to those we love and a great way to remember all of the great experiences we have had as a family.

For my title page it reads, “Family.....those who share laughter, joy and sorrow, those who share memories, hopes and tomorrows, not bound just by ties at birth, but by our journeys on this earth. (Brandi Vandy)

I know a couple of months ago I got an e-mail coupon to Winkflash and they were having a ridicules sale on photo books. I think it was $19.95 for up to 80 pages. I was so mad that

1. I didn't get the e-mail sooner to give me enough time and

2. I could not come up with a creative way to use 80 pages!!
I'm kicking myself now because I would have totally done this cute "Family Blog Book" idea. So go and find a great deal on winkflash, blurb, shutterfly, apple or who ever and get your cute blog into a book for your family to enjoy. I am and I can't wait to show my family!

1. What are some other creative ways to preserve
our thoughts and pictures from our blog for years to come?
2. Have you done something like this?
3. How do we get a coupon for a great deal like 80 pages = $19.95?
4. Everything in this post is true - no April foolin' around here!


Lolly Jane said...

Love that book! I made mine in Jan for the year of 2007 and am going to make ones starting from the year we got married. They're so fun and cheap! I used blurb.com which slurped my blog and it was $17 for 66 pages and many many pics included! ~Kelli PS: Sandee is down with lunch. Mondays work well! Let's do it!

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! i need to do something like this. and pic and choose what i want. i have 900 + posts but not all of them are worthy to put in a book. BUT AWESOME! SO CUTE! and wow that is CHEAP!

Jennifer said...

Love it.

AddiEphriaMom said...

those deals come up ALL the time on winkflash. just put the book together and have it sitting in your file ready for the next time! that's what i've been doing! then you are actually ahead of the game ;) love it!!

Emy5 said...

Thanks for the heads up about Winkflash. I'll look at the site!

pam said...

Hey will you give Brandi my email? I miss reading her blog.

carrie & troy keiser said...

How awesome ... I so want to do this! Thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

I would love to see your when you do it. I've been wanting to see what they look like. Let me know when you do yours.

crystal said...

This is so inspiring! I've seen a few blog books out there, & as soon as I muster up the energy for anything besides baby-gestating...I'll do one!

marta said...

wow.. i would LOVE one of these. thanks for posting about them. darling.