Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What I have been up to:

Yes, I admit I have been MIA for the last few weeks. My time has been over scheduled as life has gotten a little crazy over here. No excuse for my blogging friends or for my record keeping of my life I know. So to sum up three weeks in one post I have included pictures and captions to give you some idea of what I have been up to. Here it goes:
Tom and I went to a D-Backs game. They won and the people we went with were not happy because they were rooting for the other team. (Is there another team????) This was fun because I haven't been to a game in years. I'm embarrassed to say how many years (7). I enjoyed myself and even ate a Diamond Dog!
Abby and I stopped to visit the horses at Rhett & Reileys house. The new baby colt is darling!! This horse wanted to give Abby a kiss and Abby was happy to receive!
We got some of the yummiest cupcakes at Poppy's one night while Tom was OOT. The girls and I enjoyed every last crumb. We split the cupcakes up so we each got a taste! The lemon and chocolate were the best!
Monica and I on a shopping spree for the office. Notice there is no room for me in the picture. There wasn't room in the car either. I had to scrunch into a tiny crevice to get home!
We went on a fun ride in Kurt's new sand rail/buggy. Cassidy got to drive and she thought she was "all that". At one point Kurt, Abby, Cass and I were all in the buggy zooming down the dirt roads laughing and loving it!
Yes, I can answer a phone or two at the office. Good thing they got a real secretary So Tom doesn't get sick of me!! Shopping at Target for flowers and such. Spring is great isn't it??? I can't help but love the garden section in all stores! I always park at the garden center at Target just so I can walk through and check out the newest selection. Plus- there is never a wait in the checkout!

I took the girls to the water park last week when there was a 1/2 day at school. Thanks Jenifer for the idea. It was fun!

Who doesn't love a bubble fight with Tooker and Garrett? Abby had a great time at her spring carnival at school planting flowers and playing games? Colette came into town and we had a nice sister-in-law lunch at my MIL house. It was nice and the weather was perfect!

My brother had a new little baby so the girls and I headed down South to see him and Berkeley. We had fun at the park with Harley, Cass loved helping Harley and both girls had a blast rolling down the big hills at the park! Cass loved the new baby and I think got most of the baby time. I love the shirt Harley has on! "My parents are Exhausted!" So true!!!
I also baked bread. Yes...me! Baking bread. I got tired of paying almost $5 for my favorite bread so I baked 4 loafs and they turned out yummy! I think this is my new favorite hobby!!

Abby and I have taken many walks and have not forgotten to stop and smell the roses. Life is great and I promise to keep up on my blogging!!!!!


Jenifer said...

Whew! I'm exhausted after reading all that! Way to include everything and make it sound so good! I'm glad life is slowing down for you. Let's go to lunch soon! Dillys Deli sounds great!

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome update! looks like life has been good for you!

pam said...

I love the pic of Cass and Harley.

The office looks great and I'm sure it was because of you!!

Christie said...

To answer your question - we have a milk store here that is a local dairy and their milk is really good. It's hormone free, so I make the trek over there every week for my six glass bottles. Costs a little more, but totally worth it.

Anny said...

I guess you were busy! What a fun few weeks. I love that you made bread. We grew up with homemade bread and I loved it, now it's just Grandma Sycamore's. Oh, well. Cute, cute pictures.

Jennifer said...

Joey's new baby is soo CUTE! I just want to take a bite of those little cheekies! I think he needs one of my new "behappy" onesies...watch for more...etsy shop on the way, finally!

Webb Family said...

You guys have been having lots of fun! That tshirt is so perfect!!!