Friday, May 2, 2008

Cute New Blog And Hair-do For Abby

O.K. I admit
I have been a bad blogging friend lately.
I haven't looked at anyone's cute blogs for WEEKS!!!
Shame on me.
I promise to do better.
Life has gotten in the way.
This is my lame excuse.
Forgive me.
I was getting back into the swing of things today and found this:

The cutest blog with a bonus.........
How to do cute little girl hair do's.
Endless styles, with detailed instructions
I love How-To-Blogs.
I am in LOVE with this blog.
I am very visual and need pictures to help me do anything.
I am lacking in the creative hair do department.
Not anymore people!

Check this out..........

So what do you think???? Did I do good????


idahohubers said...

Great job on the hair! I have such a hard time getting my girls to sit still and then for the hair do to stay done. I looked at her blog quickly - so cute. I'll be trying that do on my girls soon. D-land looks as cheery and wonderful as I remember. I'm glad you all had such a fun time.

Anny said...

Her hair is darling. I will have to try some of these styles on my girls. We need some new ideas! Thanks for the tip.

Crazymamaof6 said...

DARLING! i have a blog friend with a hairdo tutorial blog. Jenn's life
on my sidebar. she post a new hairdo every Friday. and has a whole step by step photo deal going on.

Bits Of Becca said...

The hair is so cute. I'm always looking for new ways to do my girls hair as well, as long it's not too hard or take to long. This looks pretty good. Thanks.

onehm said...

YOU DID GREAT!! And I love that blog sad that Sweet G cut all her hair off.

And ABSOLUTELY...I would LOVE IT if Sweet G and Cassidy were friends. ;) Monkey bar corruption sounds excellent.

Anonymous said...

Very Cute! I am so excited to go to Disney World next week! I will try out some of these cute hair do's too!

Nikki said...

Too cute! Ellie's hair is really fine and still not that long but we try new stuff all the time so I was loving that blog! Thanks for sharing :)

Lolly Jane said...

i'm glad you posted this, my daughter's hair's a wreck, i tell ya! :) had to cut it to a bob so i didn't have to mess with it! thx for the {fun} post!

cindylou said... I fixed Braeley's and Ashlyn's hair with ideas from this blog! I love it!! Thanks for posting it on your web! :o) And yes...Abby looks adorable! You did a fab job!