Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Top 10 Tuesday

Today I love:

1. This kitchen from the movie Somethings Gotta Give. Lets face it, I love that whole entire house! (Pictures from Cote de Texas)
Love the living room too.
And the outside... so beachy and dreamy but I'm still counting this as one of my 10!
2. I love my new super deep sink that hides A LOT of dirty dishes. Thanks to that sink my messy kitchen can look great in just a few minutes by filling it with hot soapy water and everything that is covering my counters!

3. Love a cinnamon packet of instant oatmeal - which is what I just ate and is low points and de-lish!

4. I am loving my baby brothers new baby Berkeley! He came for a visit tonight and I snuggled him up and squished his cheeks and kissed his sweet head. He is such a little angel!!

5. Love Leftovers - we had the options of - Chicken Scampi and Salad, Beans and tortillas, B-B-Q Pork. Loving the leftovers and my new cleaned out fridge!

6. Loved lunch with blogging friends Crazy Mama, Jenifer, Pam & Lori. Felt bad about the mess we made when we left but lunch and the conversation was perfect!

(nice picture of me and my non-smile!)

7. I Love my Cell Phone. I was able to sit in my car and make horrid appointment phone calls while waiting for Cassidy in Abacus. Whoever invented the cell phone is top notch in my book! (even though I don't use the cell phone a lot it sure does make life a lot easier)

8. I'm so glad Mindy is back! Life just isn't the same without her around.

9. I am loving my new dark hair color. It's quite a shock from the light I had for about 8 weeks but I love how it makes my eyes so blue!

10. And #10 is my nice clean sheets and freshly made bed that is waiting for me to climb into after this very long day!


Did you have a good Tuesday?

What is your top 10 for today?


Crazymamaof6 said...

lunch was SO FUN! loved it! so glad we went!
love that house too! FABULOUS! and whoohoo for your appointment making. and cell phones do rock! love that you can maximize waiting on important stuff.

Tash said...

I love this house too! I love having great friends too!!
I love the slurp your blog page thanks for advertising that.

Katie said...

that house is gorgeous! I need to save the picture in a "someday" file. And I may be going darker with hair this next time around so I can stretch the time behind appts. a little longer...we'll see if I actually go through with it!
Love your top 10 list, I need to give it a try sometime!

Laurie said...

Great choices for the top 10 list. I should do this sometime. I really love the photos of the rooms.

idahohubers said...

I seriously LOVE that house! I think of it as 'traditional beach chic'. Mine has been the same for a while and I'm dying to lighten things up a bit. Maybe some white paint is in my future.

Jenifer said...

Lunch was a lot of fun. Love that house, but I really like the house that Susan Sarandon lives in in the movie Stepmom. do these houses really exist?
Like the dark hair too, your eyes really pop! Am thinking I would like a new and deeeeep kitchen sink right about now:)

Let Your Hair Down said...

I love love love that house, too. I always tell my Mom that is my dream house- Its beautiful! I also love you new hair color-you look fab!

Vidal's Nest said...

We had a deep sink in Colorado. Know why it was my fav? Perfect for bathing babies in it! That house is to die for. The colors are so serene!
Had fun at lunch! Thanks for inviting me! We did pick up a bit before we left, so it was messy, but not a total disaster!We got the toys up and stacked some dishes. Plus, once I got out of there, I found Bailey had spent a total of $16 on candy and games! Yikes. I didn't feel so bad leaving a bit of a mess! New hari color is fabulous too!

Kimmurs said...

You look great, I love the hair ! Even better would be a call back ! Ha ha

Anny said...

Cute, cute house. Ya maybe someday. Your hair is cute dark. And I love you new kitchen, I still haven't filled my sink up with soapy water and left my dirty dishes in it all day. Good idea though:) We are going to miss you in Cancun! Kass and I decided to take our babies instead, so our husbands will take us back when we get home. See you in August?!!

Webb Family said...

Loved your top 10! And that is so great that you found the house.
I will have to tell my mom.