Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's For Dinner?

I went to a class last week on being prepared and learned a few new helpful things. I also got to taste some yummy food that people made with food from their long term food supply. My favorite was by far the chocolate cake/brownie that Laurie made. The best part??? No eggs and no dairy! I was in heaven!! You can see the recipe on her blog Vidals Nest.

One of the best tips of the night was the idea of letting each child take a turn with dinner. They get to choose the menu and prepare the food. Brilliant! My girls are always fighting over who gets to help "Mom" cook so I came right home and talked to the girls about it. They were so excited! I am hoping that this will help Cassidy not be such a picky eater. And Abby.......she will have to give up some time in the kitchen so her big sister can cook. I swear that girl is going to make her husband happy one day with her cooking!

Tonight Abby was in charge of dinner. Her menu:

scrambled eggs
whole wheat cinnamon swirl toast

She made the juice (from concentrate), cracked and mixed the eggs then cooked the eggs (this is her specialty) made the toast and didn't want to have anything to do with the popping hot sausage. (I personally don't blame her it popped on me too!)

She did great and was happy to be in charge of the kitchen - bossing me around!

I wonder what Cassidy will cook? On her night this week we went out to her favorite Mexican food place. See what I mean on the whole picky eating thing????


Lori ~ LL-K said...

Cute Picture!! She is so adorable! I love breakfast for dinner! What a great idea too! Ü

Crazymamaof6 said...

that is one fabulous idea. i have a feeling we'd be eating alot of beanie wienies. and ramen.if i tried that.
which at least i wouldn't ahve to figure it out huh? maybe I'll try this one.

goingsome said...

Great reminder to let the kids cook. I'll have to start that one. I am afraid we would have hot dogs for breakfast. :)

Crystal Star said...

She's so photogenic! And you are getting to be great with the camera! My baby is playing the blanket you gave her as I type. It's becoming her favorite. I'll have to make a small one to carry around soon.